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Is there a mass exodus of Republicans?

November 9, 2017

The media is making much of people retiring from Congress, particularly Republicans, either this year or by the end of 2020. Most are in the House of Representatives.

The MSM would love to ascribe that to the election of Donald Trump, but in actual fact it’s normal attrition in most cases.

Their reasons vary from aspiring to other political offices, particularly as governors of their respective states, to apparently just being tired of being in Congress. Some may be having a fit of pique about serving under President Trump, while others may be dealing with health or other problems.

So far, 12 Republicans have announced they will not seek reelection to the House, with some like Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) resigning mid-term this year.

Although the number could increase after the 2018 midterms as members up for reelection in 2020 contemplate the rigors of another campaign, so far the number is reported as being well below the historic figure of 22 who decide to move on.

So far a half dozen or so Democrats also say they are not staying in their current positions, with the majority citing running for another office, either moving to run for Senate seats or seeking governorships.

Every employer in the world knows that once an employee has made up their mind to quit, there is almost no upside to them staying even one minute beyond what they absolutely have to, and in some cases it is preferable for them to be immediately escorted from the premises.

This churn is not a bad thing.

While it may not be as politically spectacular as being booted out by a term limits law, it does offer a chance to bring in new viewpoints and offers new contenders the chance to compete for the seats without having to run against the incumbent advantage.

It does mean that voters will have to do a bit more than just vote on autopilot.

Oh yes.  It’s also the way the founders expected the system to work when they wrote the Constitution.

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