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TGIF – November 10, 2017.

November 10, 2017

Just wonderin’.

What’s behind the seemingly never-ending reports of sexual crimes by powerful men?

Amid reports that the Washington Post actively went looking for women that would accuse Roy Moore of statutory rape, should some of these stories be taken with a grain of salt,  à la the fictitious Rolling Stone article about the UVA fraternity house ?

First, we should probably stipulate that we are not talking about mere suggestive or raunchy comments here, even repetitive ones. We are talking about statutory crimes that are illegal in every state.

The airwaves, screens and newspaper pages are filled with cascading stories that this or that male now being unmasked as a sexual predator, with Harvey Weinstein being the pack leader at present.

No one is questioning his accusers, given both their sheer number and the object of the accusations. Pretty much everyone has heard of the infamous casting couch.

On one hand, it’s unbelievably sad that it has taken this long to expose Weinstein as a perverted pig.

On the other hand, why the epidemic of recovered repressed memories now, and why always directed at men?

There are probably 50 women reading this right now who can remember the boss that always seemed to casually rub up against them, or who took liberties by dancing a little too close at the office Christmas party.

It’s a safe bet that most of them didn’t report the incidents to anyone in charge.  At best it usually resulted in whispered bathroom warnings to others. Why?

It’s pretty much accepted that rape or sexual predation is not about sex, it’s about power.

For some time now, and particularly since the 2016 campaign, there has been a movement to hold all men accountable for something called toxic masculinity.

Given the seemingly national epidemic of exploited women, is there also a national agenda with a larger motive  at work here, or is it simply a case of being careful who you step on going up the ladder, because you will certainly meet them on your way down, regardless of gender?

Just wonderin’.

Executive accountability.

It’s all the rage right now to hold big pharma executives accountable for the opioid epidemic, with the latest arrest being one of the executives of pharmaceutical giant Insys. The charges are  alleging a criminal kickback conspiracy to bribe health care providers into overprescribing a type of legal fentanyl.

Given that theory of cause and effect, should social media platform creators like Mark Zuckerberg be held to the same standard?

Facebook and social media platforms of the same ilk are now being acknowledged as possibly even more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol  In several studies as well as interviews with one of its founders, it is alleged that those same founders knew and even desired to “hook” their users on the product and did so for personal gain.

Given the number of suicides at least partially attributed to cyber bullying, and the amount of money spent trying to undo the psychological effects of social media on children, shouldn’t these big tech giants be subject to the same national standard as their counterparts in big pharma?

Veteran’s Day, the anthem and the NAACP.

Speaking of national agendas and social media, what about the move by the NAACP to have the national anthem and by inference the flag it celebrates declared racist and have it destroyed?

Of course everything and everyone who is not “of color” is racist in today’s America.

What does that say about the men and women of every hue who fought for or are fighting for the country and by inference its symbols?

I dunno what your take is, but for most of us it still says “semper fi”, whether you’re a Marine or not.

We owe our service members far, far more than we will ever owe to the likes of sky howlers and politicians.

After all, without them we could all be living in a country like Zimbabwe.

This is one time of year when the nation can tell them that. Do your part and honor a vet sometime this weekend.


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