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TGIF – November 24, 2017

November 24, 2017

Table talk.

It seems that some of you didn’t heed the no politics, no bitching pleas from the various news outlets and your long-suffering Thanksgiving hosts.

Still, some positives did appear.

“Roger” noted that one good thing about the most recent news leads concerning the likes of Weinstein, Conyers, Moore and others is that they are simply not suitable to discuss in front of children, so he was thankful for that.

“Marta” decided to make like a TV commercial and banned all electronic devices during and prior to dinner.  She says it will be her new Thanksgiving tradition. However, she did relent for football.

“Jan” and her family hosted four vets from the local veterans home that had no family that lived close enough to visit. She plans to make “invite a vet for Thanksgiving”  an annual family event.

And finally, there’s “Jack” who handed out a card to each arrival saying “You live in the freest, most envied country in the world. If you can’t find something in that to be thankful for, you aren’t trying very hard.”

Crystal ball, anyone?

The wrangling over the tax cut/reform legislation still continues, with most people more confused than angry.

No one, repeat, no one believes the political hype from either side, and furthermore they don’t care.

What they want to know is if and when something gets passed, how they will be affected.

Along comes and offers as much clarity as  possible, although qualifying even their analysis by saying that without knowing the outcome of the final voting, this is all supposition.

Therein lies the problem. It’s pretty hard to quantify the unknown.

Will attack politics work next year?

In keeping with noting above that voters are even more disenchanted with politics and the media than they were in 2015-16, most voters say they will have a negative view of any politician at any level who runs an attack campaign, especially if it is proven that the candidate is either lying outright, or misrepresenting an opponent’s faults.

The view of most voters is that fake facts are lies, plain, pure and simple. That’s true in state as well as national contests and they are being called out for it, as was an Idaho gubernatorial hopeful.

That’s not to say most dogs won’t come when they hear a whistle, but if the past three years have done nothing else, they may have created that thing all politicians dread…the thinking voter.

So here’s a word to the wise, as the 2018 races take off in earnest.

If your only platform is trashing someone else, it may be you who winds up in the dump.


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