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TGIF – December 1, 2017

December 1, 2017

More Americans behaving badly.

Quite a lot was made out of Lavar Ball’s comment that shoplifting, especially in another country was no big deal. However, his kid is just part of a larger cultural shift characterized by having no sense whatsoever about what is appropriate or even legal behavior, much less having any respect for authority.

That was obvious again when a same-sex couple exposed their butts at a Buddhist Temple.  The pair, known as “The Traveling Butts” is apparently famous for doing that little act at important  sites, particularly those with a religious connection,  around the world, according to the Huffington Post.

Brings a whole new meaning to the concept of  “The Ugly American” doesn’t it?

Your tax dollars at work.

Recently, a Latino student contributor to a student newspaper at Texas State University submitted a blatantly anglophobic opinion article and the paper’s editor ran it.

The article was profiled on the Campus Reform website as well as others, and the student editor-in chief belatedly noted that the article had created a “misunderstanding” within the student body.

First of all, student newspapers typically seek to be controversial. They get away with it under the much misused protective mantle of free speech. Still, it is just kind of part of the college experience and this certainly isn’t the first article to bid for notoriety by expressing an extreme viewpoint that has run in a student newspaper.

What is bothersome about this article is that it seems to be just part and parcel of an increasingly emboldened  anti-white movement, almost a domestic racial jihad of sorts.

This article is so anglophobic that it makes the reader wonder what other extremist ideologies the writer might support. The writer seems to assume that skin color is genetic proof of some sort of inherent evil that should be eliminated, when he states that “Your DNA is an abomination.”

More disturbingly, it seems to be recruiting others to “…deconstruct whiteness through a constant ideological struggle..” which sounds remarkably similar to some of the rhetoric from ISIS and other jihadist websites that exhort followers to rid the world of nonbelievers.

Taken in conjunction with other similar overt threats, such as those made by an Indiana nurse concerning white male babies, there is a feeling that there is a movement coalescing that might deserve more legal scrutiny than it seems to be getting.

Even granting that college age people love to say shocking things just to garner their fifteen minutes of fame, the fact that so many colleges seem to have abrogated their responsibility to maintain at least a semblance of balance on campus is worrisome.

This is a state college, supported by Texas property  and local tax dollars, not to mention the Federal support it receives in the form of grants and tuition assistance.

One can’t help but wonder what the reaction would have been if the word “white” was replaced with “Muslim” or “black.”

Jury provides sanctuary justice.

And finally, in spite of his having admitted to shooting Kate Steinle, the jury apparently took complete leave of its collective senses and acquitted Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of all charges except possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Truthfully, there was little chance of a first degree murder conviction, and even second degree was barely supported by the available video evidence that we know about. The case for manslaughter however seemed pretty nearly a lead pipe cinch.

Even if you believe Zarate’s story that he found the weapon in a dumpster, he picked it up of his own free will.

After all, even causing someone’s death through negligence, like hitting someone with your car because you were too drunk to notice them, can be punishable as manslaughter under the homicide statutes. Firing a gun at “seals” on a public pier would seem to fall into the same category.

And the Sig Sauer in question was most assuredly a semi-automatic weapon, and it certainly assaulted Miss Steinle, making one wonder why the acquittal on the second weapons charge.

Incidentally, isn’t it wonderful how this gun, which had been peacefully and quietly lying in a dumpster and before that in a car, suddenly rose up and independently fired itself?

The only other affront to justice left will be if the sentence for the possession charge is limited to time served. For that we will have to wait until the sentencing hearing.  At this point the only thing San Francisco hasn’t done is hand Senor Zarate the keys to the city.

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