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More swamp creatures.

December 5, 2017

Don’t you just love the smell of swamp in the morning?.

Now we know what John Conyers is going to do…resign. Hopefully he won’t be the last to take the political equivalent of an Alford plea.

As for his endorsement of his son to take his place, well, this isn’t Saudi Arabia, and as proven by what’s-her-name, as well as Jeb Bush,  dynastic succession still isn’t embedded in our political DNA.

You also know now what some other Congress members do with their spare time. They don’t all play golf.

Maybe Al Franken, Blake Farenthold and Ruben Kihuen should follow Conyers’ example. Rep. Joe Barton is also mentioned in the same breath with them, but in his case, he was in a long term romantic liaison with the woman in question when he sexted her.

Then there is the matter of Roy Moore. That’s going to be another congressional conundrum, assuming he is elected.

First, he has categorically denied all the accusations, and even offered up “evidence” that one of his accusers might be at the very least, misremembering events.

Second, until he is elected, there not a heck of a lot Congress can do about him.  The voters of Alabama still have a right to vote for anyone they choose.

Frankly, the RNC and the President should have stayed out of that one. Former Judge Moore already has a lot of political baggage that has nothing to do with sexual misconduct, not the least of which is his close tie to Steve Bannon, himself a political lightning rod.

With Democrats dropping like flies, even Doug Jones winning might be the lesser of two evils in terms of public perception.

Then there is the FBI.  Well, not the whole agency, just certain members of it. Like two former directors and a senior special agent, for starters.

It’s kind of funny, really.  Way back during the campaign, several people warned Donald Trump against making enemies in the Department of Justice, and it’s crack investigative agency. In fact, Lindsay Graham is still doing that.

Then along came Peter Strzok, proving that if the s—t gets deep enough, it eventually starts to slop over everyone’s boot tops.

The Bureau has been suspect in the public eye ever since former director Comey gave that remarkable public statement in which he first charged and then exonerated what’s-her-name.

From the off-the-record conversations with various members of the Democrat candidate’s inner circle , to the Bureau’s agreement to destroy evidence, to the re-naming of gross misconduct, that whole episode has reeked from Day One.

Agent Strzok was reassigned to the FBI’s version of Siberia, i.e. the HR department, way back in the summer of this year, but that tasty little tidbit didn’t become public until after Thanksgiving.

Normally, that might be seen as an internal personnel matter.  Given his alleged involvement in assisting former Director Comey in whitewashing certain events pertinent to the election however, it has become considerably more than that.

If the Democrat’s candidate had been indicted for gross negligence pertaining to her official duties, it’s likely that President Trump may have actually won some of the states that backed her by just a few points.

That would have made Russiagate a non sequitur.

We likely would have saved several million dollars already wasted on trying to make it a reason to invalidate the election at best and an excuse to overthrow a duly elected President at worst.

All of this is fascinating, as well as deeply frustrating to watch and follow, but in all honesty it isn’t that surprising.

The details may be just coming to light, but the smell is what got Donald Trump elected.

As it turned out, America apparently has a pretty good nose.

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