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Truth, the foreign political language.

December 6, 2017

Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.  The Bible says so, historical and archeological records independent of theology say so, and every modern President at least since Bill Clinton has acknowledged that as a truth.

So why is everyone so astonished that President Trump would do so as well and then decide to move the U.S. embassy to that capital city? Every other capital city in the rest of the world has a U.S. embassy, so wouldn’t it be only logical to put one in Jerusalem too?

More to the point, why is everyone surprised that the President would make good on a campaign promise to do just that, especially in view of the last 11 months?

After all, it isn’t as though the Arab world has brokered any lasting peace agreements with Israel, possibly due to our political propensity for making promises we never had any intention of keeping.

Some critics are saying that this move runs counter to then-candidate Trump’s vow to put America first, accusing him now of meddling in world politics when that clearly could create problems for us.

Interestingly, many of those critics are the same ones who labeled him a white nationalist isolationist.

Whatever your views on Israel, one important fact about No. 45 is either overlooked or denigrated by his enemies

The man believes in keeping his word when at all possible.

That single quality, or rather his supporters belief in it, is why he is President instead of wondering what just happened.

Not everyone is going to agree with him.  That’s the nature of the human condition, and that’s OK.  He isn’t Caesar and he should hear and sometimes even heed the dissenting voices.

Perhaps he will find things he promised that need to be modified, or even discarded as he learns more and more about the realities of running a country.

Nevertheless, his promises were the truth as he saw it at the time.

For those who love to quote Scripture, take a look at John 8:32.  For the rest, the salient phrase most quoted is “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

That’s the trouble with truth.  It’s the most foreign and least taught and spoken language in the world today.

No wonder so many didn’t recognize it when they heard it.

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