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TGIF – December 8, 2017.

December 8, 2017

The failed Green movement.

No, not the environmental one.  The somewhat deranged move to impeach President Trump authored  by Texas Representative Al Green (D-TX).

After coercing the far left members of the House of Representatives into backing his two articles of impeachment, Green saw his efforts fail by a vote of 364-58, with four Dems abstaining by voting present.

That’s hardly a surprise, given that Green’s main complaint in his two Articles  of Impeachment  was that he doesn’t like the way the President talks.

Aside from simply being weird, the Congressman’s articles of impeachment  accused the President of (what else) racism and “being divisive” apparently considering those things to be “high misdemeanors.”

Rather interesting, given that his party’s nominee had been slinging around her racial and gender-based accusations throughout the campaign as well, and still does it to this day.

Most Democrats know that they need something a lot more solid than that to begin impeachment proceedings, apparently preferring to wait and see if they can extract some sort of cause from the Special Counsel’s investigation.

To be fair, this was not a vote to impeach, but simply a vote to advance a resolution to consider the articles.

OK, at least he got it out of his system. On the plus side, we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt which representatives are squirrelly enough to ignore the identity politics that originated with the Democrats, including the 44th President, before, during and after the election.

The other kind of harassment.

Although the media would lead one to believe that all men are created equally perverted, there is another kind of harassment that if the truth were to come out is probably both far more prevalent and more equally distributed between genders.

Although it doesn’t yet have a catchy media label, it too is simply the product of the misuse of power.

In its lowest form it shows up in battered women’s shelters, but in the workplace, it’s the boss you spend all your time trying not to provoke.

It’s the boss who sends a pen or a phone whizzing past your head when you fail to stroke their ego sufficiently, or who starts a whisper campaign or the ones who consistently blame his or her employees for their own failures.

Some people call this type of boss the grown up schoolyard bully, and they sure aren’t all men.

Most employees just call them jerks, but they are responsible for possibly ten times the harm and loss of productivity in the workplace that an actual sexual abuser causes.

They are the ones that create the aptly named hostile working environment.  Maybe someday they will get the attention they deserve too.

We pay for this?

Yesterday Christopher Wray, the newly appointed FBI director, spent a bit more than two hours cheerleading for the FBI rank-and-file and tap dancing around questions about the integrity of some Bureau investigators from members of the House Judiciary Committee.

Granted FBI Director Wray is pretty new on the job and it’s doubtful he’s anyone’s best work buddy yet, but this was, as so many of these televised dog-and-pony shows are, a total waste of time.

Unless you have (a) been following every word a witness has uttered and can spot inconsistencies on your own, or (b) the witness knows nothing about spin and/or doesn’t have an attorney you will only hear what each side wants you to hear.

It should be obvious to Congressional committees by now that they are a toothless tiger. They scare no one in the swamp. You can bet it doesn’t take the FBI itself eight months to get someone in and break them, but Congress can’t even enforce a FOIA request in a timely and effective manner.

Indeed, the public hearings one and only purpose seems to be to allow committee members to establish whatever creds they can with their voters back home.

If, and it’s a big if, anything is ever learned by these committees it’s going to be in the closed door sessions.

Enough, already. Put a cork in it and do something useful.

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