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Why no one will win in Alabama.

December 12, 2017

It took a little while for Democrats to figure out how to use the sexual misconduct allegations and accusations against members of Congress to their advantage,  but they’ve got it all dialed in now.

That was evident when Nancy Pelosi’s first instinct was to defend John Conyers, followed swiftly by throwing him to the wolves.

Pelosi is usually right on top of the party line, so her seeming about face says more about party strategy than it does about her or even Conyers himself.

For the moment, try to ignore what Conyers was accused of doing. After all, everyone else did, as long as it was to their advantage to do so.

The MeToo movement is also separate from the political haymaking.  It is only right and proper that women stand up as a group and demand both respect and justice, provided that is the only result of the movement.

What is of political significance is how easily that can be weaponized.

Politically, this ranks right up there with racism as a cause célèbre, and the groundwork was already being laid with the “toxic masculinity” claims.

What we have now is a climate where if a man even notices that half the population is female, they are immediately accused of sexual misconduct.

There isn’t even a firm definition of  the term at this point.

Is calling a woman honey or dear or sugar or even a “girl” sexual harassment, or is it just perpetuating a stereotype?  What about women who refer to males as studs or boy toys?

Society may eventually sort all that out, possibly by “de-genderizing” both males and females.

For the present though, it makes a damn fine weapon.

The Alabama election will be a case in point.

If Roy Moore wins today, his win will be characterized as a furtherance of male-dominated sexual oppression. Those mean nasty redneck husbands and boyfriends must have threatened their biological opposites into voting for him.

Then we can read about that for the next year or so.

Unless he gets kicked out by his “peers” in Congress, in which case maybe the Alabama governor could appoint a Republican female conservative to replace him.

A win for Moore would also provide congressional members with a perfect opportunity to tie him even closer to Donald Trump. Birds of a feather and all that.

If he loses, it will validate yet another non-issue-related strategy as a useful political tool for Democrats. Without the sexual overtones, Doug Jones had little to nothing to offer politically in deep red Alabama.

Nope, no one wins today, least of all the American people.

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