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Buh-bye, Bannon?

December 13, 2017

If Republicans take nothing else away from Roy Moore’s loss they should pay heed to the dangers of supporting a Bannon acolyte.

Even without the sex angle, Moore was a flawed candidate for  a national position, yet he was the one that Bannon chose to push to the front.

In the end, it may have been the accusations, whether true or not,  that Moore forced himself on teenagers that ultimately led to his defeat, but trying to portray him as a Trump loyalist just wasn’t credible.

Not that Alabama got any prize in Doug Jones, a man firmly under the control of the national left’s  kingmakers.

What they did get was proof that a candidate proposed by a man who often looks and sounds like the town drunk won’t play well in prime time.

The write-in vote may have been significant, but the people who stayed home elected Doug Jones.

Neither candidate managed to get 50% of the vote, so Mr. Jones represents about half of the voters.  That, in a state that has voted solidly Republican for decades is a BFD.

One voter who went with a write-in may have captured a feeling that the RNC and even President Trump did not recognize when he said,

“I didn’t vote against the President’s policies.  I voted to save him from Roy Moore.”

There’s obviously more to the story than the push to portray Moore as a lifelong sexual predator.

From the left’s push to register thousands of convicted felons to vote, to Jones’ obvious racial division component, to the efforts to tie Trump to the radical right Roy Moore’s of the world, the GOP  is under attack.

It’s time they wised up to that.

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