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TGIF – December 22, 2017

December 22, 2017

California still burning.

California usually has two main seasons; fire and flood. It’s been that way for decades and more. Houses slide down the hillsides during the flood season, and a few are lost each year during fire season.

1000-plus homes and structures lost to fire is a lot more than a few, but you could see this coming, and no, it’s not all about climate change.

Take a good look at the topography and the vegetation around the lost homes.

These homes often sit in the middle of manzanita and chaparral hillsides, some of the most volatile fuel there is, and they are often built in terrain that is difficult to manage while firefighting.

Add to that a wet spring, environmental policies that often prohibit clear cutting the brush and trees in the areas around the homes, not to mention too many homes in fire-prone areas in general, and you have the recipe for a disaster.

As California’s population grows, more people are moving out of cities and into these areas.

Mother nature used to keep the brush thinned out, but it’s been at least 30 years and maybe more since wildfires were allowed to perform their natural function.

That doesn’t make the loss of homes and pets and human lives any less devastating and no matter what you think of the state, no one deserves this.

That makes politicizing the fires in the name of climate change even more reprehensible than it would be ordinarily.

DACA deserves better.

The people affected under DACA deserve far better than to have their problem summarily rushed through to keep the government open. It looks like now they will get that studied consideration.

Whatever else is wrong with immigration, and there’s plenty wrong with it, when it comes to the DACA group ALREADY HERE, most Americans feel they shouldn’t be penalized as long as they aren’t involved in criminal activity.

Where some conservatives fall out of that line is when DACA status would protect people who are not functioning as good citizens, or will be used as a precedent to encourage people to keep bringing in children in the belief they will be protected going forward.

Surely, even dumb bunny politicians can manage to sort that out, given time to actually think about it. .

It’s officially winter.

For those with winter time SAD, that’s not exactly good news. And for most of us, along with snowmen in the front yard and skiing it means higher heating bills, frozen streets and parking lots, and day after day of braving cold, snowy, wet, miserable work and school days.

But here’s your quick pick-me-up.

From now until June 20 or so of next year the days will be getting longer, and we will be getting ever closer to bikini and shorts weather.

Hang in there. The sun will shine again.


No post next Monday.  Have a very Merry Christmas!

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