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In the rear view mirror – politics.

December 27, 2017

In what world does any political party think that open disdain for half of the population translates into a win?

Apparently in the world of the Democrats in 2015 and 2016.

The public was faced with that reality and the result is President Donald Trump.

For the entire year since the election, America has been treated to the classic battle of the professional politicians against the American people.

It is widely thought that Hillary Clinton lost the election when she decided that a large percentage of us belonged in a “basket of deplorables,” as well as her indelicate promise to “… put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

Not that James Comey had nothing to do with her loss, but her utter, complete and obvious disdain for working class people would have doomed her without him.

Since then, the country has been treated to a graphic display of everything bad about a system they had heretofore suspected was corrupt, but couldn’t prove.

The result has left many wondering whether either party deserves to survive.

The liberal Democrats are still publicly embracing socialism and class warfare as guiding principles.

The Republicans have warred among themselves and in the process often failed to unite against their traditional adversaries.

The people that elected Donald Trump thought that the country needed something, anything or rather anyone, who could provide a counterweight to decades of domination by an undeclared ruling class.

They wanted a  pot-stirrer, and they certainly got one.

Tomorrow we’ll get the verdict on the President’s first year in office as judged by the people who voted for change.

In the meantime, we are about ready to have to put up with another election.

In a country where revenge has replaced reason as a political platform, how many are willing to continue the fight?

For President Trump to continue to shake things up, Republican voters need to maintain their support for the party candidates, but party affiliation alone isn’t going to be enough to carry the day.

The GOP needs to take a page from the lock-step discipline of the Democrats and get behind electable candidates, but they have to do it without falling back on the failed establishment politics that cost 16 people a shot at the Oval Office in November 2016.

Even in today’s atmosphere that doesn’t mean most people embrace the corrosive, even unhinged politics of a Steve Bannon.

It does mean being open to exploring the actual motivation of voters that saw a New York billionaire elected as the champion of the common man.

Given the never-ending mud-slinging from the left, the next 11 months will likely be nastier than the last 12, if that’s possible.

Proving that apparently, Democrats still don’t get it. 2016 wasn’t about anger. It was about disgust.

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