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In the rear view mirror- your take.

December 28, 2017

After nearly a full year in office, how do Trump voters view their choice now?

First of course there are the members of his “base,” the die-hards for whom he could literally do no wrong before the election.

How happy they are with him today seems to depend on how realistic their expectations for him were at the time.

A few are unhappy that he hasn’t drained the swamp until it looks like a desert. Those voters point to him meeting with Chuck and Nancy and say that he’s failed them.

But the fanatics on either side aren’t the voice of “the people,” i.e. most of us.

The vast majority of the President’s 2016 supporters seem to feel that after a particularly painful learning curve, he has steadily, if somewhat slowly, grown into the job.

Not that even they approve of everything he’s done.  Many wish that he would be less outrageous with his tweets, but by and large they “get” him.

Part of that is because they can see a difference between Trump the performer, and Trump the President.

“Jim” notes that he seems to use Twitter to play his own version of “look at the shiny object” while in the background he is accomplishing many of his objectives.

“Look at what he did with the individual mandate in the tax cut act. No one was even talking about that the whole time they were working to get the bill passed. I do wish he hadn’t felt the need to call attention to it after it became law, but still, he did what the entire Republican Congress couldn’t do in six months, and he got it done because the Democrats got SCOTUS to declare it a tax, not a penalty. So really, he beat the left at its own game.”

“Madge” notes:

” I don’t think even now that people understand that we voted him in because he ISN’T a politician. I admit I didn’t think he got down to business quick enough, but I blame that a lot on people like Steve Bannon. Also, maybe we thought it would be easier for him to get people already there to support his goals than it has been.”

Then there are those who cast what one man called a “desperation vote.”

“Joe” who is a crossover Democrat, says he’s been very impressed with how hard the President has worked to keep his promises.

“I admit I thought in the back of my mind that he might just hit the cocktail circuit. I mean whoever heard of a politician keeping his word, or even trying to? Not that he’s gotten everything done he promised in this first year, but he’s gotten a lot done, and yeah, I’d vote for him again based on the last year.”

“Gillian” says she hopes he continues to “grow into the office.”

“I really, really like the “serious” Trump. Maybe when he tweets, he could tell us what good things he’s gotten done more often.  For instance I didn’t know about all the judges.  That’s a pretty big deal.”

What do these folks think about the midterms?

“Joe” says he wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats take the Senate unless GOP voters turn out to vote.

“I hear a lot of people saying they don’t vote except for President. Well, they’d damn well better vote this time. It’s obvious that no Democrat will ever support President Trump, so we’d better get to 60 Republicans in the Senate.”

“Madge” echoes that sentiment, and adds,

“People need to understand that it’s US that have to drain the swamp.  I don’t think party alone should be a reason to vote for someone like that awful Roy Moore, but where we can, we need to give Mr. Trump some back-up.”

And that brought up the subject of the RNC.

“Jim” said that the Republican National Committee needs to actively support good candidates to run against Democrats.

“In Alabama, Trump didn’t want Roy Moore.  He supported Luther Strange. I don’t exactly know how that write-in stuff works there, but it’s a shame the party didn’t work harder to give him his choice. Instead, he got forced into having to support a real dirtbag just because he was a Republican, and that made Mr. Trump look bad too. I blame that on the RNC. We voters need to have decent choices to vote for, and I think the party is responsible to provide them.”

Do these people think there will be any converts to the President next year?

“I don’t know.” says Jim. “The damn media is just so negative, and frankly, a lot of people don’t do much of their own thinking. We got awful lucky last year, because the Democrats were asleep at the switch.  They aren’t asleep now. Hell, they’d register a fence post to vote and then drag it out of the ground to the polls if they could.”

“Gillian” agrees, and adds,

“It’s really good they got the tax bill passed. If people get more money and better jobs, I think that will help. I’m going to do something I have NEVER done, and that’s work for my local Republican Party to register voters next year. As long as President Trump is doing his part, I guess I’d better try to help.”

So there you have it. Maybe Donald Trump isn’t the President they wished for, but he’s far more than they expected, and yes, they’d do it again.

Whether that translates into another surprise for Democrats remains a question mark. History says the party out of power almost always wins in the off year elections.

But then, history predicted a Clinton win, and we know how that worked out.

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