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Where’s the wiggle room?

January 8, 2018

Now that both the Senate and House are finally back to work, what’s next on the legislative front?

First of course is paying the nation’s bills, but somehow, that’s gotten tangled up with immigration.

These two should be two separate things, but of course in the fantasyland that is Washington D.C. that isn’t going to happen.

Instead, the financial policy of the now dependent on the fate of 800,000 people.

Which leaves us wondering who is the most likely to play hardball on the issues.

The President has made his position clear, and frankly this is where he has to stand and deliver if he wants to keep his base intact.

If news reports are to be believed, the Democrats are in the same position. Unless they refuse to fund the wall, secure outright citizenship and retain chain migration for the DACA group, their base will be ticked off.

Looking in the cloudy crystal ball, it would seem that the best either side can do is negotiate on the degree to which their respective goals are met.

For instance, Congress could approve enough wall funding to start the wall, say 50% of the projected 18 billion dollars the whole border security issue is said to require.

Chances for compromise on the President’s side are less clear. For his part, he could settle for placing strict provisions on issuing semi-permanent green cards.

Provisions such as requiring recipients to be gainfully employed, in post secondary schools or serving in the military within one year of receiving legal status and free of any violations of the law  would put the onus of responsibility on the DACA population itself.

On ending chain migration and the lottery system, there is less flexibility. He could permit only DACA parents to be considered for preferential but not automatic immigration review, but even that is likely to be a bridge too far in light of his stance over the past year.

Given the continuing mindless opposition to anything Trump by the Democrats it will take a few of their members looking at their own re-election chances and career paths going forward  to pull off something that moves the nation forward.

If news reports are accurate, Chuck and Nancy are already whipping their members to resist anything the President wants.

What does that means for the rest of us?

Well, if your paycheck comes from Uncle Sam, you might want to hang on to your extra money for the next little while.

Congress has just 11 calendar days to solve something that has proven unsolvable for at least 20 years.

This is where the “us against them” class and race warfare tactics of the far left are likely to blow up in their faces.

If the left chooses to stay on that track they need to know the rest of us are wise to them, and we are no happier with Congress now than we were a year ago.

After all, it is an election year.

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