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Tattletales and virgin ears.

January 12, 2018

Did he or didn’t he? That’s the only question being debated today.

Chances are he did say something that wasn’t very genteel.  Whether it was as bad as what the tattlers say it was we will never know for sure, given that there were people from both red and blue states in that room that hate the man.

Quite frankly, the man isn’t wearing vestments, he wasn’t speaking in front of a Sunday school class, and he was undoubtedly ticked off by the sorry excuse for a DACA  bill that they brought him.

As far as what is being reported that he said goes, he isn’t the first President to have a nasty mouth. When tapes were played of John and Bobby Kennedy talking in private long after their deaths, everyone was shocked that they cussed like dockhands. So much for Camelot.

Lyndon Johnson was notoriously profane when not in front of the cameras.

In fact, if we could hear any of the Presidents except maybe Jimmy Carter, speaking when they were in what they thought was a private setting, we’d probably find out all of them could mouth off pretty well too.

What’s really irritating is that he is just now figuring out that he can’t trust anyone with a “D” behind their name, and he sure as blazes can’t trust Jeff Flake.

C’mon Mr. President, wise up. These people aren’t your friends. Why give them a figurative gun, a box of ammo and then load the gun for them?

Meanwhile, not much is being said at all about Nancy Pelosi’s on-camera racial slur. The burger and fries company is called Five Guys Burgers and Fries, not Five White Guys.

Whatever. She is at least as racist and gender-biased as she accuses others of being, but apparently that’s OK since her targets are white males.

Lost under all this righteousness and language policing is the real problem.

The Dream Act bill the five guys brought to the not-so-private meeting was a pile of…manure, being essentially just a reworked version of an older amnesty bill they dusted off to avoid actually doing any real work.

Supposedly that was to forestall legal challenges to whatever they do come up with, but since the 9th Circuit had already extended the March 5 deadline by ruling the President’s initial executive order ending DACA (but not President Obama’s original one creating it) unlawful, that seems a pretty thin excuse.

It’s more likely that DACA amnesty is the only thing the President will get Democrat support for, meaning no DACA or immigration fix will happen at all.

And so goes the never-ending playacting we are forced to accept as government.

Maybe everyone else could join the 40 or so Democrats and Republicans who have either resigned, been kicked out or are not running again and let us start from scratch?

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