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Gut check.

January 13, 2018

Back on August 9, 2017, Musings published a post that painted a reasonably bleak picture of what a nuclear strike would really be like, from the viewpoint of a person who lived under the Cold War’s nuclear cloud.

We heard about it.

One of the tamer replies was that the post was “right-wing fear-mongering.”

Yeah…you might want to talk to a few people in Hawaii about that now.

In fact, you might even want to talk to a few people in North Korea too.

It’s highly likely that the Department of Defense knew within a very few minutes that nothing had been launched toward Hawaii.

But for those few minutes, every piece of ordnance we own was targeted and ready for launch toward Pyongyang.

You can sort of imagine the North Koreans doing their own version of “hands up don’t shoot” in whatever passes for their war room.

This was always a fear during the Cold War; that some dumbass would push the wrong button, not in D.C. but in some remote emergency management office somewhere else.

Today it happened.

In the end no harm (other than a few hundred thousand scared people) was done.

North Korea has up to now seen no reason to talk to the U.S., assuming perhaps that the only person who could precipitate a strike was the President.

But think for a minute.

What if some other dumbass on a firebase or a ship had pushed a button too?

9,999 times out of 10,000 that’s not going to happen, given our military protocols.

Still, it only takes once.

Representative Tulsi Gabbart (D-HI), who was at home in Hawaii at the time,  had a few choice words to say about how it’s all up to us (by which she apparently meant President Trump) to sit down with Kim.

Unfortunately, she left out the part about getting Kim to the table. It’s not like President Trump can just waltz into NoKo and march the man to any table.

Perhaps this little incident will penetrate the thick North Korean skulls.

We can only hope.

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