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Avoiding the minefields.

January 16, 2018

Edit::  4:40 EST Januay 16, 2018

Watch for spin on the President’s physician’s press conference. It should be interesting.


It’s no coincidence that every time the President notches a “win” the left immediately finds something negative to poke him with or about. It’s so predictable by now that the only suspense is who is going to ding him first.

Last week’s scandal du jour was his language. This week it’s whether “he” will force a government shutdown because he won’t accept a DACA bill that doesn’t meet his heretofore clearly stated objectives.

DACA and immigration reform should be in its own universe.  There was no need to conflate it with the budget. The two things are only tenuously attached at the point of funding for border security.

That could have all been handled by allotting a certain amount to accomplish attaining said security, passing the spending bill and then taking up DACA  and immigration on their own merits.

You don’t have to like the President to see that the decisions made by the Obama administration have become minefields for the GOP in general and President Trump in particular.

In the eyes of the left, they had it all figured out pre-2016.  They would elect another socialist-leaning President, and continue reconfiguring the United States to fit their world view.

Take the military for instance. Is it a a coincidence that funding levels for defense were designed to gut the ability of the U.S. to field a strong military?

It’s hard to assign the porosity of the 2008-2016 State Department’s electronic firewalls  to sheer chance, or even to the incompetence of one woman.

It’s now impossible to overlook the bias in the “Justice” Department.

None of that would have been a problem for Democrats, had they been able to elect what you might call a lid-sitter, someone who would make sure that all the smelly stuff didn’t leak out of the pot.

When the nation elected a rank outsider to the presidency, someone was quick to recognize that the lid was no longer secure.

It’s no accident that the moment it looks like President Trump is going to accomplish something outside of the proscribed playbook, he is attacked on every level.

For instance there is the condescending Newsweek piece that once again attacks the man, not his policies, by once again seeking to paint him as an intellectually challenged dolt.

The left may not have consciously sought to leave political IEDs for Trump, at least not at the beginning of the campaign.

It is far more likely they were simply following a roadmap that would result in the kind of America they wanted, given another eight years or so.

We can only imagine what was really behind all  the tears and hysteria when the road took an abrupt turn into uncharted territory.  Still,  it’s no coincidence that some of the more outlandish actions taken by the outgoing army after the election but before the inauguration were a last ditch attempt to design a new battle plan.

You don’t need to be a graduate of West Point or Annapolis to analyze the battle going forward or to recognize the Schumers, Durbins. Pelosis and their cohorts for what they are.

It’s just a shame that it is our civilian population of every color and ethnicity that is caught in the crossfire.


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