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Happy 1st Anniversary.

January 20, 2018

One year in, what are the takeaways for those we affectionately call the Musers?  These are  people who weren’t so much politically motivated as they were curious about the effect of a non-politician on the political class, and you have them to thank (or not) for this blog.

Some were with Trump from the beginning, some came to support him late in the game, and one or two didn’t vote at all.  Only one person had ever seen him in person before he ran for office, and most didn’t know anything about him at all, except for the tabloid gossip.

There is nothing remotely scientific about the following. It is instead a collection of how these people see his first year.  They were asked to ignore the shutdown, and give their general impressions of his effect.  As always, the names are pseudonyms.

They used words like startled, repulsed, appalled, educated, sickened and affirmed, but not about the President.

Andrea said it well:

“I instinctively felt there was something wrong in Washington, but I would have never believed it was this bad. I almost wish I’d stayed ignorant, because now I have to care.”

Joe chimed in. “Middle America has known for a long time that we were being ruled by what I call the political Mafia, but we needed a leader who could win. Fate gave us Trump.”

Out of the original 38 people, 27 were available or willing to comment on the President’s performance.

Polled as a group, 22 said they were more than 75% satisfied with what he has accomplished to date, 3 said 50% satisfied, and 2 said less than 30%.

Asked what disturbed them the most about his handling of the job so far, all 27 said he has been very slow to understand the magnitude of the forces allied against him.

All thought that he was very naïve for the first six months, but all admitted that as political outsiders they would have been just as naïve if they were suddenly dropped in the Washington stewpot.

Asked if they believed he thought he would win, most said he was probably the only person other than his family who thought so, and they blamed that for his fumbling start.

Jeff said: “Look, half the people around him at the beginning were what I’ve come to call political prostitutes.  They thought they would get a lot of fame, and maybe make some money, but they weren’t really there to serve anyone but themselves.”

Asked what they thought was the best thing he has done as President, most said in one way or the other;

Giving us proof that Washington is just as bad as we thought it was, and trying to fix it.

What do they think about his Twitter habit?

All said they think he has to tweet, because the media is so skewed to the left. About half said it was a good thing, the others said he needs to be more strategic and disciplined about using it.

Jamie said, “What’s so fascinating about his tweeting is it’s like someone sitting around and bouncing ideas off the wall or to a group of friends. You can almost literally watch his mind working.”

Will they continue to follow his presidency?

Mark seemed to speak for everyone when he said, “This is like a book that you want to put down but can’t. You just have to keep reading to see how it turns out.”

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