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Making it real.

January 22, 2018

Over and over you hear both Republicans and Democrats say that the shutdown is a nothing burger this time, because hooray, we can still go to Yellowstone.

Well, tell that to the PFC or E-2’s spouses who live payday to payday who might not get their dependent allowance to buy groceries, pay the car payment and the rent or buy gas to go to work.

We have a tendency to think of “the military” as aircraft carriers and tanks and bombs and rifles.

That’s just merchandise without the people to man them, so let’s look at the people this immoral, ridiculous politically motivated shutdown is hurting.

An E-2 makes a base median salary of  $19,253 a year.  That’s $370.25 a week before deductions. That’s $9.25 an hour based on a civilian 40-hour week, and for this they volunteered to be shot or blown up. If course they can get a $225 a month combat duty raise and freedom from paytoll taxes for that.

Or what about an entry-level file clerk (GS-2) at the Washington DC office of the USDA, who made $12.99 an hour in 2017?

This, in a country where the left wants to pay a busboy in a restaurant a minimum wage of $15 an hour, is so far beyond insulting that printable words fail.

Contrast that with a Senator’s annual base $174,000 or $83 an hour salary.

Vito Genovese didn’t really die in prison…he was just reincarnated as the Senate Minority leader. You know, Chuck Schumer.  The leader of the gang that is OK with holding America hostage to get DACA codified, but only if it legitimizes three or four million illegal immigrants, including their parents and siblings.

The one whose only real mission is to bring down the duly elected President of the United States

What about the two soldiers killed Saturday when an Apache attack helicopter crashed while on a training mission?

The first AH-64 Apaches came off the assembly line in 1984. So far we don’t know the cause of the crash or the age of the chopper. What we do know is that these soldiers were the first to die in a training accident this year, and it’s only January.

The Senate is set to take another vote at noon today. That vote is not to authorize increased military funding or to authorize a single dollar for anything.

The vote is about whether Democrats will allow there to be a vote on that.

That’s Washington for you.  FUBAR’d, and far beyond the scope of anyone’s imagination.

How’s that for real?

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