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Politicians behaving badly, 2018 edition.

January 31, 2018

For the past two or three years one remarkable phenomenon has been evident among Democrats.   Whatever one says or does, they pretty much all say and do. It’s like a gigantic march of the penguins.

Apparently when you get elected to Congress as a Democrat, you are required to check your brain at the door.  Maybe they have you trade it in for a computer chip or something.

That’s the only explanation that can account for the remarkably tasteless display you saw during the SOTU last night. Either that or someone put a particularly fast-setting super glue on their seats.

At last official count there are 240 Democrats in the two arms of Congress (plus two “independents” who caucus and vote with them.)

Each draws a salary of $174,000 dollars.  Since at least 95% are obviously not interested in governing,  maybe we could help pay for border security by having their salaries donated to the Treasury, netting us $39.62 million in the remaining 11 months of the year.

To be sure, there were a few Dems who applauded in spite of themselves and one or two, including Joe Manchin, even stood up.

You might be saying “Gee, politicians being partisan. What’s new?”

It’s one thing to be disrespectful of a President.  It’s quite another to stick a big middle finger in the eye of the ordinary American citizens who were there as guests of the administration.

Of all the SOTU’s in recent memory, partisans have at least displayed ordinary good manners toward whomever the party in power chose to put on display during these annual events.

Not so last night. Take Nancy Pelosi for instance.

Between the former House majority leader looking like she had swallowed her pacifier or whatever it is she normally uses for one, and the CBC decked out in symbolic regalia,  President Trump may as well have been talking to a wall instead of trying to find funding for one.

Maybe the first thing we need to require of people running for office this year is an MRI to determine if there’s anything but air or a SIM card between their ears.


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