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TGIF – February 2, 2018

February 2, 2018

New Mexico to compel college enrollment?

This comes under the heading of good intentions, bad execution. Two New Mexico lawmakers, apparently copying a similar approach by Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel,  have reportedly introduced bipartisan legislation requiring high school juniors to either apply to at least one college or to show that they have other plans after high school if they want to receive their diplomas.

The intent is obviously to force juniors to begin planning for life after high school, but this smacks a little too much of Big Brother.

Apparently triggered by a sharp drop in college enrollment numbers, the proposed legislation would require any student who does not apply to a college to show that they are planning to enroll in the military, or are committed to an internship, apprenticeship or similar  program after graduation. Failure to provide such proof would result in blocking the student’s graduation.

Obviously students should have a plan after graduation, but trying to achieve that end through legislation and holding diplomas hostage is a typical government solution to a multi-faceted  family dynamic.

Some critics note that forcing young people to acquire student loan debt may also not be in their best interests.

The bill is thought to be DOA upon submission, but stranger things have passed through legislatures.

The reduced college enrollment numbers also fail to take into account that New Mexico’s population is reported to be aging, indicating that the reduced enrollment figure may be due to an actual drop in college age students.

Hashtag  – have more babies?

Cat and mouse politics

Will they release it or not, referring of course to “the memo?”  While to a political observer all the squealing, squirming  and maneuvering is interesting, most people’s reaction is “get on with it, already.”

The effect of the interaction between the boots and the suits is unclear. Most active field agents who don’t fancy committing career suicide aren’t commenting, but retired FBI and DOJ personnel  seem to be of a mind that the agency is losing far more than it could gain by the continuing conflict.

The discovery, or more properly the exposure of J. Edgar Hoover’s  FBI within the FBI is still a topic of discussion and sells its share of books.  Suffice it to say, the similarities between the FBI of 1935 through 1977 and the FBI of today doesn’t inspire much street level confidence in our only national police agency.

It would behoove the administration to lay out what they have and let everyone in on whatever is there to be seen. It couldn’t hurt the agency any more than the rampant speculation is doing.

The effect of gridlock

Speaking of conflicts with law enforcement, it seems that NYC’s sanctuary mayor is following the herd leaders resist strategy by forbidding cooperation with ICE by the police and other city officials.

That stance isn’t likely to foster much additional popular support for legalizing 1.8 million DACA people.

Regardless of his motives, the tripling by President Trump of the number of people that could potentially qualify for legalization if DACA is codified is seen as a step too far even by people who are sympathetic to their cause.

Many point to the vastly increased number of unaccompanied minors over the past nine months as proof that the dilly-dallying over immigration reform is increasing, not limiting border crossings.

Those same people agree with the President that the left, which now includes most Democrats,  doesn’t want to solve the problem.

The result of that agreement could account for why generic ballot polls for the 2018 midterms sees the support for electing more Democrats eroding from plus-16 points to as low as 2 points in some surveys.

And in closing…

Happy Groundhog Day!

In proving he can read a calendar, Ol’ Phil might be the brightest mind out there.


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