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Connecting the dots – Part 2

February 6, 2018

You can get way out in the weeds when discussing DACA, the Page warrant, FISA and the FBI in general.

For instance, we know that during the last couple of months of the post-election Obama administration there were many, (some say dozens, some say hundreds) of instances of requests for the unmasking of U.S. citizens’ names by Samantha Power, Susan Rice  and others.

Further, these names  were widely shared among all intelligence agencies, sometimes as the Obama administration was literally packing its bags to leave the White House.

Rice and Power had the legal authority to ask for the unmasking.  That isn’t in question. The question all along is why the only people targeted were in the Trump transition team, and why the big push only accelerated after the election.

Ms. Rice has reportedly offered as her defense for those actions that it was due to Russian interference in the election, channeled somehow through the United Arab Emirates and the Trump team.

And there it is. The beginning of the circular logic path we have all come to know as Russiagate.

In the meantime, depending on which Democrat you quote, the sky is falling, Trump is a Russian agent, and most recently, the Nunes FISA memo will cause another Oklahoma City style bombing.

Perhaps we’ll find out the newest prophecies when the Schiff memo becomes public.

Given that the more noise Dems make the more instances of funny business in their camp seem to surface, you’d think they’d quit before they completely expose themselves.

One interesting aspect of all of this is that more people than usual are staying aware of events as they happen.

Ordinarily, a bunch of politicians verbally bitch-slapping each other gets boring real fast, and everyone tunes it out.

Not so much this time, and that seems to be wholly due to the visible contempt for the American voter evidenced by both the Democrats and some Republicans as well.

For instance much is being made of the President holding DACA hostage to funding for the “wall”, but not nearly so much about Congress holding the Federal budget hostage to immigration reform.

Once again, you have politicians saying, just give us DACA and we promise to study whether we need better border security, and trust us, we will at least consider funding the entire 2017 Federal budget.

Incidentally the new Federal budget that would take effect Oct 1, 2018 was due yesterday, but it’s kind of hard to do that when you don’t know what’s going to be spent the rest of THIS fiscal year

In all honesty, ending most chain migration and ending the visa lottery program was always going to be a stretch to combine in one bill, if included with citizenship for 1.8 million DACA-eligible people and funding for border security.

Addressing just the wall, i.e. securing the border, and deportation protection with a path to citizenship might be a reasonable compromise, but that’s not what’s being offered.

Which leads us back to the question, which is more important, a solution or the issue? After all, what would Berkeley students have to fear if DACA became a non-issue?

We’ll find out on March 5.

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