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Would you run for Congress?

February 7, 2018

That question was asked of a group of some 20 people attending a luncheon for business owners.

It seems like kind of an innocuous yes or no question, but it resulted in quite the discussion.

More than half said no, and the overwhelming reason was that Congress is no place for a goal and results oriented person. Some went so far as to say that nobody but crooks stay in Congress.

Other said they would run only if they could do so without ties or obligations to either of the major political parties.

That points out a problem, not just for the 2018 mid-terms, but for elections in general.

The past year has focused the nation’s attention on just how shady politics has become. All the dirt that used to stay relatively covered up has become uncomfortably apparent over the past two years.

If you accept that politics on a national level is overwhelmingly corrupt, how do we fix it if no one wants to help make it better?

The obvious answer is to change the system so that ordinary citizens can be part of government without selling their souls to the devil.

Trey Gowdy has become sort of a poster child for people who believe that there is no place in Washington for an honest person.

Contrary to pundits who think he is retiring from Congress only because he’s got ambitions toward a slot in the DOJ, Gowdy has said he will never be involved in politics again.

Never is a long time, but if you listen to the man, you can sense a gut-level disgust with the entire political system.

That’s understandable, but we can’t fix it if the only choices are more of the same kind of elected officials that are embodied by the likes of Schumer, Schiff, Pelosi, Durbin and other party hacks that we have now.

Of the lunch crowd that did express an interest in running for office, the main stumbling block was the cost.

One woman said she had seriously thought about running for a national office, but when she quizzed state legislators, she realized that without financial help from the major parties or an independent source of wealth, she simply couldn’t afford to run even on a state level.

She said “There is no way I can be independent from a political party if I can’t even run, much less get elected, without them.  As for national office, that’s hundreds of thousands, even hundreds of millions of dollars. Who besides someone already rich, like President Trump, has that kind of money?”

That’s a good question, and it’s one we have to find an answer for if we ever hope to have real government by the people.

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