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Punting on DACA?

February 20, 2018

The much-vaunted DACA fix seems to be in a fix.

After the Senate failed to pass anything remotely related to DACA or immigration reform, House members are now signaling that they too might prefer to keep this as in issue through the midterms.

Lawmakers seem to counting on the recent lower court injunctions to keep the Dreamers out of harm’s way until after the midterms, but that could backfire spectacularly.

If the White House can get the Supreme Court to rule favorably on the issue of whether the President has standing to issue an executive order to overturn the Obama EO that created DACA before the election, things could get very messy, very quickly.

Indeed, a lot of people are asking, if President Trump’s EO to end DACA is unconstitutional, doesn’t that mean the original order was also unconstitutional?

An awful lot of Dreamers can clearly see why they are here, in the political sense. What they do about it remains to be seen.

There’s always the chance, slim though it might be, that the House manages to cobble together a bill the President would sign, and send it to the Senate.

Unfortunately, the Senate bill that failed most spectacularly was the one the President supported, drawing less than 40 yes votes. That, coupled with Ryan’s statement that the House won’t act on DACA until March, pretty much tells you what Congress is willing to do to support anything the President wants.

At that point, Mitch McConnell is going to have to decide whether to introduce the so-called skinny bill, consisting of just DACA and full funding for the “border wall” and risk the President not signing it, or suspend the rules so he can pass the as-yet nonexistent House bill with just 51 votes. And that’s assuming he could get his slim majority to vote as a bloc.

And all of this is supposed to happen while the President is under an increasingly nasty attack from both his left and right.

On top of all that we have all the tumult over the Russian affair, in the wake of the somewhat anticlimactic declaration from the Special Counsel that yes, Russia does meddle in other countries’  political processes.

Oh yes, and let’s not forget calls to repeal the entire Second Amendment, or North Korea, to mention just a couple of things.

Imagine a singles tennis match with a dozen balls in play, and that’s Washington today.

Good luck, Dreamers. You’re going to need it.

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