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Blaming the bogeyman.

February 26, 2018

“Barbara ” doesn’t own a gun, and she certainly doesn’t belong to the NRA.

Nevertheless, she just canceled her reservations on a United Airlines flight due to their reaction to the Parkland shooting.

Asked why, she responded:

The NRA didn’t kill those kids in Florida. A vicious psychotic killer, ably abetted by lazy, corrupt Federal and local officials did. Why take that out on a bunch of innocent people?  That won’t save a single life, anywhere.”

A surprising number of people that didn’t have a dog in the anti-gun fight until now, seem to feel the same way.

Meanwhile, other jurisdictions are proactively on the lookout for copycats. One Idaho student is in the custody of the Custer County (ID) Sheriff’s Department after threatening his school and classmates.

Similar reports have been making the news in other states, such as Vermont and Washington. The Washington teen allegedly also had plans to use homemade explosives.

In addition to the liberal media-fueled crusade against gun owners, people are starting to ask other questions.

“Jack”  asked this:

“Something is really wrong with the Broward County Sheriff’s office. I was a cop for 23 years, and maybe I can see one resource officer not going into the school. But in no department I ever worked for or even knew about, would three other officers cower behind their car.

Since Columbine and Sandy Hook every department has active shooter training. Was it because the kid had a Mexican surname and they were afraid somebody would call them racists? Was it because they already knew he was a crazy little bastard who wouldn’t hesitate to shoot at a cop? Did the school board president, that guy on TV, ask the officers not to take him down on school property? Were all four just cowards?

I don’t know, but somebody needs to get to the bottom of that.”

How about the idea of arming teachers and other school employees?

“Jack” weighed in again.

“You know, I think that’s up to the local school districts. Some people already have the technical ability and expertise to handle a gun, but can they do it during something like that?

 My question is, do they have the mindset?  Could they pull the trigger without thinking of the killer as anything more than a danger to others? I’m not sure most teachers could do that.

Like it or not, there is a split-second point in any incident like that where you have to make the mental adjustment to see the perp as nothing more than a target. Cops train for years to develop that mindset. Maybe after it’s over you can think of him as a troubled kid, but that better never enter your mind in a life-and-death shootout. If it does, you are worse than useless as a shooter and protector.”

“Roger”  asked why the immediate focus was on disarming everybody else and not the bad guys?

“I read where Kirsten Powers, who works for CNN, came right out and said all guns should be banned. That’s just plain scary, and it makes me wonder who those kind of people are working for.”

“Look, there has been a coordinated effort to strip ordinary people of their right to defend themselves for years. Why else would reporters and agitators jump so quick to make this about all guns? I mean, what kind of ghoul do you have to be to recruit kids who just saw their friends killed and turn them into a scripted mob screaming for complete disarmament of the entire population?

These are some of the questions not being hyped on CNN or MSNBC.

There is little doubt that this school shooting will not just fade away as have so many in the past, and it shouldn’t.

That doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of these deeper questions to be answered.

Questions like, why is the left is so hell-bent on protecting the rights of criminals, up to and including releasing them from prison on early release.  Why are scofflaws like the mayor of Oakland, CA. actually protecting and warning criminals so they can avoid arrest ?

Or, what effect are things like sanctuary city policies and race-baiting and politically-inspired tribalism and even unrestrained social media use having on the country at large?

Also, why would some PC dimwit would worry about stigmatizing the mentally ill while at the same time indulging in hand-wringing over gun ownership and the Second Amendment.

The problem with any issue decided purely on emotion is that it rarely produces any effective solutions.

It is time to take a step back and answer these other questions as well.

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