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Comments from the next generation.

March 1, 2018

“Daniel” is a 18-yr.-old gun owner. He will turn 19 in April.

He has a viewpoint on all the hysteria about guns surrounding the Stoneman-Douglas massacre, as follows:

“I’m one of those under 21 gun buyers the President thinks should be barred from buying a gun. I have a 3.6 GPA, and I volunteer to help old people repair their houses. When I graduate from technical college,  I want to get a job as either a diesel mechanic or an electrician. I want to own my own business as soon as I can.

I belong to a shooting team, and I go deer hunting every fall. I don’t own one of the AR-15 rifles, but I do own a semi-auto 30.06 hunting rifle with a Leupold 3×9 scope  that I got for my 18th birthday, as well as a .22 semi-auto that I use in competition.

I’d just like to ask why the President wants to take away my right to buy and shoot a rifle. I say “shoot” because the rifles aren’t much good if I can’t buy ammunition for them. It’s kind of like confiscation.

Don’t get me wrong.  I hate what happened in Florida, and I get why those kids focus on the guns and not the guy who shot them, but I sure didn’t shoot any of them.

I had to register with Selective Service on my 18th birthday.  So, if I join up they can give me a full-auto rifle and send me to some God-forsaken hellhole to be used for a target by some Arab over some political cause I don’t care about. Aren’t I also too young to fight for my country?

If I’m too young to own a gun, am I too young to vote? Why can I rent an apartment and sign contracts when I’m 18, but I’m not allowed to buy a gun?

I even got a drivers license when I was 16.  

This whole thing reminds me of second grade.  A kid put glue in a girl’s hair, so they took the glue away from the whole class. That’s what all this talk sounds like to me.

The way I see it, I’m being punished because a whole bunch of corrupt people way over 21 don’t want to take responsibility for not doing their jobs.

 I heard on the news last night that the President wants to take people’s guns without even a legal reason, what they call due process. Shouldn’t we fix the laws first?

I don’t think it was an accident that President Trump said he was running in 2020 right in the middle of this gun control debate. This sounds like another campaign speech issue to me.

My parents are Trump voters. I wouldn’t have voted for him even if I’d been old enough in 2016, because I think he is a wacko  who doesn’t have any loyalty even to his best friends. He sounds just about as crazy on Twitter as that Pelosi lady. If he says he “loves” you, you’d better be watching your back.”

Which leads us to the next topic.

This rush to condemn all gun owners may well end up being framed as the Trump equivalent of Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” moment.

Americans have a strong ethic about fairness, and nothing about this rush to condemn the NRA and punish legal gun owners feels fair.

Eighteen to twenty-one year old voters are rightfully upset that the President, the Democrats and the media are portraying them as either half-crazed mental cases or irresponsible little kids.

Like their counterparts in Parkland, they are far better informed and can articulate on the issues  far more eloquently than their elders may give them credit for being able to do.

Many of them, like “Daniel,” are judging this President by a far different standard than their parents do, and that judgment will have consequences going forward.


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