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TGIF – March 2, 2018

March 2, 2018

Smoke and mirrors?

A number of Democrats still want to repeal the tax cuts, including Nancy Pelosi and California Democrat Rohit Khanna, who was quoted in this article  by Mike Lillis and Naomi Jagoda on 2/1/18 in The Hill as saying:

“We should repeal it and I think we should offer an alternative tax plan, which is we’re going to provide the tax relief to the middle class and the working class…”

Now, a month after that article was released, and with most working people now seeing what the tax cut bill is doing for their paychecks, that sounds like Representative Rohanna may have been sampling or at least standing downwind from California’s newest tax revenue booster a bit too long.

But it would be a great thing for Democrats to run on. Be our guest, please.

Bring back “stop and frisk”?

Every time the issue of gun control comes up, the immediate target for lawmakers is the NRA, and millions of legally purchased guns.

A key talking point is that some mass shooters and all criminals get their guns through illegal means, such as stealing them from their owners or buying them on the street. Some politicians have even gone so far as to back confiscation from legal owners to reduce the supply of guns available.

It makes you wonder. Why won’t liberal Democrats like New York’s Bill De Blasio reinstate stop and frisk?

Or does just removing guns from people who shouldn’t have them make too much sense?

Looking beyond the headline.

On February 27, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office tweeted that they had arrested a 16-year old for making threats to kill students. Of course the immediate reaction was to heap scorn on the sheriff, but here’s the important part.

The  first tweet reads in part, that the student had a pipe bomb. Later tweets said he had a pipe bomb “and weapons.”

If he had been successful with the pipe bomb, would we be hearing calls to ban the sale and possession of pipe?

Ending lazy legislating.

In their rush to “do something” in reaction to the Parkland shooting in an election year, will Congress do anything?

Yesterday,  Senator Marco Rubio(R-FL) proposed a series of bills to address various facets of both school safety and gun control, arguing that passing a single “one-size-fits-all” bill as the President prefers to do will only result in nothing being passed, similar to what happened on repealing and replacing Obamacare.

Rubio, as you may remember, was confronted by the father of one of the murdered students during the CNN town hall, who challenged him to admit that the gun was the only reason his daughter died.

Although you can certainly understand the father’s position, particularly at that time, the cascade of failures that took his daughter’s life goes far beyond just getting rid of guns, and includes the popular belief that students who misbehave or even break the law shouldn’t be punished by or in the schools.

Not all states have a law on the books that allows law enforcement to act proactively to remove guns or any other potential weapon from a volatile situation, although such a law does exist in Florida and wasn’t used.

Putting a Federal law in place that would immediately provide that authority is the focus of one bill Rubio says he wants to introduce. He went on to enumerate several other stand-alone pieces of legislation to go with that one.

No one wants another school shooting, and judging by the number of copycat threats popping up all over the nation, the odds are good that the publicity may tip some other unstable soul over the edge.

If Congress gets stuck in partisan wrangling and camera-perfect theatrical drama over solutions, they will be just as culpable as the Broward County Sheriff or the FBI for the next one.


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