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Why are people joining the NRA?

March 6, 2018

Various news stories are making wild claims about increases in NRA memberships in the wake of the calls for various kinds of disarmament following the Parkland school massacre.

As of today there are no firm numbers given, but the Weekly Standard did a fact check on the claims of “millions” joining and was unable to substantiate the claims.

Still, anecdotal evidence suggests that new and returning members and even people who do not own guns, have rallied to the defense of the group and the Second Amendment.

The question that needs to be asked is Why.

Most say that they are incensed that Hollywood hypocrites and vote-seeking politicians are trying to slough off the many systemic failures that led to the shooter being able to commit his heinous acts onto a group that has no culpability in the deaths.

For others, it is a statement on a larger issue.

“Doug” notes that for the last ten years there has been a concerted effort by the left to dismantle the values and history that represents what the nation has stood for historically.

” Do you really think that all this coordinated persecution of Christians, the police, white people and conservatives doesn’t have a larger motivation behind it? I don’t know if we need to fear the Russkis  near as much as we need to fear our own citizens.  Or maybe, the Russkis and the liberals are one and the same. I don’t know, but I do know that disarming America would work out real well for the Russians and the crooks.”

Another man who just sent in his dues said he was reluctant to do so at first, fearing that it would be taken as a sign of disrespect for the students who were killed and shot in Parkland.

” I don’t mean this to dishonor Mr. Pollack’s daughter Meadow, or any of the parents and families and the students. All I know is, if only the government and the criminals have guns, we will be in a dangerous world, and that’s where I see this going. I paid the NRA $30 to join.  I would be happy to send the same amount to a group that can really honor those kids”

( Editors note:  If you feel the same way, check out or go to #MeadowsMovement.)

And then there is Marjorie.

“Isn’t it funny that the lefties want to take everyone’s guns, and yet the first thing people can think of is to use guns to protect the schools? I think that’s just weird. Doesn’t that mean that it’s the person holding the gun that matters, not the gun itself? “

As so often happens, once this problem leaves the front pages and newscasts, everyone forgets about it until there’s another incident, or until some state, city or county passes laws banning firearms ownership.

Maybe  what the NRA members are really saying is “Think about why we have a Second Amendment. It’s not about protecting us from each other, it’s about protecting us from tyranny, both within and without.”



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