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Too little, too late?

March 7, 2018

AG Sessions just announced that the Feds will sue California over its sanctuary state status.

Some native Californians say its too little and far too late.

“James” is a native born Californian whose parents immigrated legally from Mexico  in 1977.

“The government doesn’t need to sue California. It needs to arrest Governor Brown and all the sanctuary mayors.  These Anglo politicians are so freakin’ stupid they don’t realize that the end game for Hispanics is to take over the state”

“Mike” agrees. A second generation citizen, he says that politicians think they are importing voters, but what they are really doing is turning California brown.

I had to start taking my blonde, blue-eyed daughter to school, because she was constantly harassed by kids who don’t like her looks.  When I complained to the school, they accused me of being ‘anti-Latino.’  I’m not, but my 9-year old doesn’t deserve to have her hair pulled or her lunch stomped into the bus floor just because of her looks.”

“Marge” notes that  Oakland’s mayor Schaaf  can’t even house the homeless, but she can and does provide all the benefits of citizenship to illegal immigrants.

These are the Californians you never hear from.

The media portrays the entire state as being pro-illegal immigration, but many of its citizens are definitely not on the same page as its politicians.

These are the people that  have to live with the state’s anti-U.S. policies, and they don’t like it one bit.

“Don” has his house up for sale, and plans on moving completely out of the state as soon as it sells.

“This is a hellhole state. It isn’t just illegal immigration. You have to have permission to wipe your own a-, er, your nose in California. I haven’t decided where I’ll move, but it damn sure isn’t going to be to another sanctuary nanny state.”

So, as far as it goes, the Attorney General’s announcement is welcomed by many

Will it result in anything more than another narrative for the MSM?

That’s doubtful. .

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