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Why is Mueller island-hopping?

March 8, 2018

For an investigation that is supposedly all but leak-proof, the Mueller investigation’s doings sure make it into the news a lot, usually with Adam Schiff’s face prominently displayed making wise pronouncements  about the President’s guilt.

Witness the so-called Seychelles connection.

The what, you say?

The Seychelles connection.  Supposedly Mueller’s team is investigating whether the Trump administration attempted to set up a back-channel  connection to Russia through a meeting on the islands, and apparently that meeting also involves the United Arab Emirates.

Of course the President was already elected, leading one to wonder if all Presidents, once the voters have spoken, are supposed to go into hibernation until January 20th.

Anyway, there’s the good old Russia connection again, albeit somewhat removed from even the continental U.S, much less New York or Washington D.C. After all, the group of 115 islands are 900 miles off the coast of East Africa.

In fact the most interesting part of this is that it involved the brother of  Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. The left  hates her almost as much as the President himself. Sort of two birds with one stone, you might say.

With more people now intimating, or maybe just hoping that the Mueller investigation has about run out of things and places to investigate, it seems that in order to stay useful at least through the November elections, opening up a new area to investigate is an imperative.

Actually there are a lot more places Mueller could look for collusion, up to and including outer space. After all, there are Russians and Americans on the International Space Station aren’t there?  Maybe there’s a Trump or Putin operative in the crew (and we are only half kidding.)

Gee, maybe the incoming White House chef purchased Russian dressing at a Whole Foods store post election and used it to pass information to the Russians cleverly disguised as a piece of Romaine lettuce.  Mueller could then investigate the Amazon-Whole Foods merger too. That ought to be good for another six weeks or so.

All this cloak-and-dagger stuff may also be meant to take some heat off the announcement that AG Sessions is finally looking at whether some of California’s sanctuary laws are unconstitutional and whether they might also constitute obstruction of justice.

All in all, maybe the Seychelle Islands should thank the Mueller team for all the lovely pictures of the popular vacation spot.  It does look quite beautiful in the overhead shots.

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