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Love is not a strategy.

March 15, 2018

Looking at some of the signs held by student (and non-student) protestors who walked out of class yesterday, you could see everything from people supporting armed teachers and guards in schools to confiscating all guns to love conquers hate.

The professionally printed signs were there in abundance, but many were hand lettered, using the exact same language as the more polished signs.

A very few students held signs saying “Where were the cops?” or “I see, I tell, and no one cares.”

A twenty-year old college student commented on that last one.

“That happened to me in high school. There was this kid that was just crazy. He was always threatening to blow up the school and I went and told a teacher about it. Nothing happened so I put it on Facebook to like, warn people.

Next thing I know, I got called into the principal’s office and was told to stop bullying him.  They told me I needed to be nicer to him. How do you love crazy?

After that I just shut up and hoped he would transfer or something.

Just like in Florida, everybody  tried to cover it up. The kid wound up wrecking his car and getting killed, and I was glad it happened. That sounds really bad, but it’s how I felt.”

That’s the problem with politicizing tragedy. It makes for good TV but it doesn’t fix the underlying problem.

Take NICS for example. Some news stories are reporting that under the Obama administration 500,000 names were removed from the database because it seems no one could agree on the definition of a “fugitive from justice.”

That’s a half million felons who could potentially buy a gun legally. That makes the three-day wait to buy a gun or checking NICS sound pretty ridiculous.

Mass shootings anywhere are bad. But going for a superficial fix or telling people to love one another more is like sticking your finger in a hole in a dike while the end of the dike is washing away.

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