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It’s time to leash the hounds.

March 19, 2018

In the past two weeks, the enemies of the United States have now gained stable, or at least effective leadership in two more countries.

Both Russia and China now have what amounts to leaders for life. Iran remains, as it has been for some time, under the control of the antagonistic leadership of its clerics, and North Korea remains under the leadership of a political and ideological dynasty that has hated us for 55 years.

Meantime, our country is caught up in the process of tearing itself apart from within through petty political infighting.

If it was Russia’s 2016 election interference goal to divide and conquer, they are winning.

We can debate all day every day as to the validity of that assumption, but the fact is that whether it is enemies from within or without, every day we spend our energy on stupid political wrangling, our enemies grow stronger.

We have the President we have.  Whether you like him or not, it’s pretty hard now to sell the story that we would have been better off with Hillary Clinton, given her bizarre behavior over the last 15 months.

Several members of the resist movement, on both sides of the aisle, have given notice that they want to drag out certifying Mike Pompeo’s confirmation for weeks if not months, not because they think he is unqualified, but solely for the purpose of opposing the President.

In so doing these resisters, whether they are motivated by personal hatred or far more devious reasons, acknowledge that we need an effective person in charge of the State Department  in view of the proposed negotiations with North Korea.

While he may be a fine man in his own right, Rex Tillerson was not only at odds with President Trump privately, he seemed to be determined to steer the State Department along a course almost 180 degrees off from what the President wanted, and he did it very publicly.

In this world, if the government doesn’t speak with a single voice, it may as well not speak at all.

So far, in spite of his unorthodox style and the unending animus of his enemies, President Trump has accomplished much of what he said he would do if elected.

One of his promises was to repair the damage done to our military so that in the event of the unthinkable we would be able to defend ourselves effectively.

Of all of the promises he made, that one is any President’s first responsibility to the nation, yet here we are again, staring at another budget battle, and fighting over, excuse the phrase…stupid stuff like a progressive’s stage adaptation of “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

It might be time to reconsider that strategy, before each of our separate tribes wind up going the way of the dinosaurs.

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