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No shutdown, but no DACA either.

March 21, 2018

Assuming the spending bill passes the Senate, Congress will now go on spring break with the DACA question not only unsolved, but sidelined, perhaps permanently.

That leaves the Dreamers hoping that they can keep getting judicial stays, because technically, they are all deportable as of now.

Of course the other loser is the bulk of the President’s border wall funding, better immigration detention facilities and sanctuary city funding.

True, immigration issues could be revived after the legislative vacation, but in an election year it’s even more likely than usual that they will simply remain campaign sound bites.

If history holds true and the Republicans lose one or both houses of Congress, the issue might resurface in 2019, but that’s an eon in Washington time.

On the other hand, many lawmakers say they see it as a chance to deal with immigration issues as stand-alone items that can be crafted more narrowly and perhaps more effectively than would have been possible when held hostage to the national budget.

That still means this is a loss on DACA for now. The Dreamers are becoming losers on another front as well.

Increasingly, people who were once on the Dreamers side are now watching the sanctuary city problem  and the left’s determined opposition to controlling the border and they are switching sides on a path to citizenship.

Most of those are now saying that granting citizenship, without ending sanctuary cities or controlling the border is just making the U.S. an even larger magnet for border jumpers.

There is still support for protecting Dreamers from deportation, but some of the racist anti-white rhetoric from supporters of the left like Democrats Luis Gutierrez and Tom Perez is now increasingly being equated to the influx of illegal immigrants in general, including the Dreamers.

That’s not a plus for those seeking a compassionate solution to DACA.

“Nancy” may speak for many more people than just herself when she says

“All this crap about letting anyone come in that wants to is just about putting a bunch more Democratic voters on the rolls using illegal aliens. It might be time to ship them all back out of here, Dreamers included, and make them do it the right way if they want to live here.”  

The left may have overstepped the line by several feet too far this time. After all, it was a white, male Republican President who offered to increase protection and a path to citizenship for Dreamers by threefold.

If there was ever any doubt that DACA was simply a midterm campaign issue, Congress didn’t do much to change anyone’s mind this time around.

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