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Did Trump get trumped?

March 24, 2018

The media is portraying the passage of the Omnibus (Over)Spending bill as a defeat for President Trump, but then they might just have an agenda.

What do his supporters think of him signing it? Opinions vary.

In general, they aren’t happy with the bill, but they differ as to how they feel about him signing it anyway.

Not in any specific order, these are some of their opinions:

  • Perhaps 20% think he “got rolled” on the border wall.
  • Maybe 50% think he should have vetoed it.
  • 90% don’t care about the bill’s effect on the stock market, whether good or bad.
  • Close to 100% blame Congress for waiting until the last minute to vote on it, meaning that no one including the President really knows what’s in it.
  • Most blame Mitch McConnell and the Senate for not voting on the separate appropriations bills they have been sitting on for months.
  • Some wonder if the President knows more than he’s letting on, in view of the fact that he seemed almost desperate to fully fund his military budget at any cost.
  • Many wonder why he didn’t seem to know just what kind of spending it would authorize until it was sent to his desk.

So, what would they expect him to do about it the next time?

Again opinions differ. Some suggestions were:

  • Let Congress know ahead of time that he will take the full 10 days he is allowed by law before making a decision on whether to sign something or not, thereby forcing them to pass a budget sooner.
  • Find a way to use some of the military budget to build the border wall as a matter of national defense, maybe by using the Corp of Engineers to provide manpower to the contractors to offset labor costs.
  • Veto any spending bill that doesn’t give him most of what he wants, even if it shuts down the government.
  • Stop negotiating with just four members of Congress.
  • Since DACA clearly isn’t anyone’s priority in Congress, stop trying to use it as a bargaining point. If the DACA “kids” get deported, that’s all on Congress.

The overall question is, how badly did this hurt him with his base?

His hardcore base doesn’t seem to hold the spending bill against him, provided that he makes good on his promise not to ever again sign something that was rushed through Congress at the last minute.

His conditional voters are tougher on him. They voted for him to get a handle on the sewage pit  that is our government and build the wall, and they feel that given the attitude in Congress that he is to be resisted even by his own party, this proves that he can’t do it.

There’s no doubt that signing the Omni-bust bill hurt him with his base. How much remains to be seen. In general they seem more upset with Congress than they are with him.

As an aside, almost all of them want him to start prosecuting “leakers” in Congress. That’s based on their feeling that the media is being fed misinformation to subvert the President’s agenda.

Hopefully, these disgruntled Trumpians will go to the polls and give him a better class of swamp dwellers in November.

Monday:  The real  March for Life agenda.





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