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Feeding the anti-gun agenda.

March 26, 2018

Signs seen in the March for Life.

“Wayne LaPierre, you suck”  “Repeal the Second Amendment” “The NRA kills kids”  “Arrest the NRA”  “18th century laws don’t work in the 21st century” “Disarm America”  “Teachers don’t need guns”  “Books not guns” “End gun ownership” “Marco Rubio has blood on his hands” and on and on.

And yet, this isn’t about abolishing gun ownership? You’d have to be 17 to believe that.

Maybe that’s OK, because they have a right to express their viewpoint and their pain and shock.

What they don’t have a right to do is to accuse perfectly innocent people and organizations of being murderers. That’s just propaganda, in addition to being slanderous.

It’s also about destroying America businesses via revenge politics, much as is being done now with drug manufacturers.

Remington Arms, America’s oldest gun maker, reportedly filed  for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week, because they happened to manufacture the rifle (not an AR-15) used at Sandy Hook.

They didn’t sell the gun to the shooter directly and no one at Remington pulled the trigger, but they were an easy target for politicians, the press and the lawyers.

The only murderer in Parkland was a deranged scumbag named Nikolas Cruz who also contemplated making a bomb.  One way or the other that dude’s objective was to kill people.

To the best of our knowledge, no school shooter has ever been an NRA member.

It’s hard to criticize the Parkland students for having a passionate reaction to seeing 17 people killed at their school. Their passion is understandable, but it’s being exploited, as anti-gun crusaders seek to capitalize on the tragedy.

Listen to this profanity laced video by the poster child for the student protestors, David Hogg. Watch his face while he rants, and ask yourself whether maybe he needs some mental health care of his own more than he needs help from George Clooney, or Miley Cyrus.

Another thing the students need is a dose of reality.

Students often don’t seem to understand that increased security means decreased individual freedoms for everyone, not just gun owners. Increased security also means you can’t bring a knife to school, a fact apparently overlooked by two Parkland students who were arrested on March 20 for doing so. So far we don’t know who manufactured the knives.

Some students don’t seem to want any common sense safety measures such as (free) clear backpacks and ID badges, now being required at Broward County schools after the above mentioned knives were brought to school by students.

They reportedly took to Twitter claiming the new measures infringe on the First Amendment (which clearly doesn’t confer the right to use opaque backpacks) while other students said the new backpacks “look stupid.”

Compared to measures in place at some schools, clear backpacks and ID badges are the least obvious security measures. For instance, some schools do not allow students to leave the campus or visit their cars during school hours. Others have metal detectors that ban everything from nail clippers to aluminum soda cans.

One parent says these kids are being exploited by the anti-gun liberals. He reports that after the last protest a couple of weeks earlier, his 15-year old daughter told her parents she might have them arrested on child endangerment charges for keeping a gun (in a locked gun cabinet) in their house, where it has been kept since she was born. In fact, he said she has fired it herself.

When he asked where she got that idea, she said her teacher suggested it and the class voted to do it.

That plays on  a child’s desire to fit in with the crowd, as well as the desire to find a push button answer to a complicated question.

We know now that there are a myriad of things that should have happened in Parkland that would have probably have prevented the shooter from ever killing anyone. Indeed,  law enforcement just used the Baker Act to involuntarily commit another teenage Parkland would-be school shooter.

Congress did pass a “fix NICS” bill, HR 4477, which is supposed to increase the validity of the NICS database. However it only requires local agencies to report the convictions of people who are charged with domestic abuse or other felonies to the database.

It does not compel medical providers to report individuals, including minors, who may be inclined to violence nor does it impose a requirement compelling local law enforcement to report the kinds and number of repeated interactions with law enforcement such as happened with Nikolas Cruz, even absent an arrest.

Make no mistake, this very quickly became a poster issue for people who want to disarm America (unless theguns belong to a celebrity’s or politician’s bodyguard of course).

There are common sense measures that would help prevent school shootings, or indeed any act of violence against schools. Most of them involve identifying or nullifying possible human threats.

Gun owners aren’t unreasonable. There is some common ground between gun owners and the protestors. Almosyt 100% are for banning rate-of-fire modifiers like the so-called bump stocks. Most are also OK with a three-day waiting period.

Liberal mouthpieces like sanctuary city proponent Bill de Blasio could also bring back “stop and frisk” laws, which would remove guns carried by people already known to be dangers to the community.

What isn’t going to end school violence is exploiting a group of kids to do the dirty work of anti-gun organizations.

That’s almost as big a crime as the Parkland shooting itself.

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