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How Main Street sees it.

March 29, 2018

Two of the current clickbait issues of the moment are illegal immigration and the Second Amendment.

Here are a few comments on those topics from Main Street.

“Adrian” owns a small shop that sells what he calls “natural remedies” i.e. herbs and natural vitamin products. He says himself that he is the epitome of Mr. Milquetoast.  He has some views on both of the above.

” We have to stop allowing the importation of what amounts to a foreign army. I am not your typical conservative. I am pro-choice and I believe passionately in legalizing medical marijuana for people that need it. But I am also dead set against illegal immigration and for merit-based immigration.  As such, I also believe without reservation that we need a method to seal the borders.  If that means a wall then I’m for the wall.

On the Second Amendment, I believe that those people who want to take our guns away are the same people who are just fine with releasing criminal aliens back onto the streets. They want to hurt the United States and turn it into Cuba or Venezuela, where the only people with guns are the government.

Two years ago three Hispanic men broke into my shop while I was there, working in the back. One had what looked like a baseball bat. They were ransacking the place, maybe looking for pot, although I don’t have any. I do however have a .45 semi-automatic handgun and a concealed carry permit. When I stepped out of the back room they took one look at it and scattered like roaches. I have a right to defend myself, and anyone who threatens my right to do that is directly threatening my right to live.”

“Marissa” had some views on the wall.

All of us have locks on our doors. The border is the lock on our country’s doors. I am not crazy about spending billions of dollars on physical barriers, but if that’s what it takes, then it’s OK with me. The alternative, open borders, is far worse. What else should we do to stop illegal immigration? Maybe issue shoot to kill orders to the Border Patrol? I don’t think anybody would want that to happen.”

“John” has some observations on the general tone of the country.

If you watch and listen, there is a very subversive element threatening our very existence. They want open borders so they can bring in people to support the people who hate us. They want to take away the right and/or the ability to use firearms for self-protection. They push cockamamie ideas like saying nobody has a gender, or redefining free speech so that only people who agree with their warped ideology can speak. They encourage kids to overthrow the government and they don’t want any law that doesn’t allow them to reshape America to fit their idea of Utopia.

Do you really think the reason Facebook records all your calls and texts is so they can help some department store sell you shoes? If you believe that, you’re too dumb to own a phone.

I wasn’t a Trump voter, but I would sure vote for him now. I had no idea how bad things were in this country until the socialists had to come out in public to oppose him. I’ll tell you, if we can’t get a handle on this, you can kiss our country goodbye.”

That’s just a few of the people who don’t make it onto the front page of the Washington Post.

The most interesting part of listening to these people is that they came to these conclusions only because the left has been so irrational in resisting Donald Trump that they have inadvertently exposed themselves and their motives and methods.

Maybe that will be the way President Trump drains the swamp…by just letting it overflow until it makes its own drainage channel.

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