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The hidden cost of illegal immigration.

April 2, 2018

You knew the moment you heard it that BuzzFeed’s coverage of the so-called “refugee caravan” was going to trigger both sides of the immigration argument.

Although the group backing the “caravan, ” Pueblos Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders) has sponsored smaller groups before, the BuzzFeed story conjured up visions of 1200 people physically forcing their way en masse across the border and then claiming asylum.

That may in fact happen, and of course it will be a media dream.

All you have to do is read the original story and then pick any one of a dozen anti-Trump media rants to see how the argument is going to go.

Quite frankly, the American people are pretty damned fed up with it. Unlike politicians, they tend to see the problem through economic as well as political lenses.

One man suggested that the group should be met by a few thousand citizens holding signs that say “Fix your country, don’t ruin ours.”

Another suggested that the government of Mexico should have to pay a tariff or head tax for each illegal that makes into the U.S. since it isn’t doing anything to stop them from transiting Mexico. Still another suggested we just confiscate the money, estimated at 25 Billion dollars, these illegal aliens send to Mexico annually for a year, and build the wall with it.

Mexico has no incentive to stop illegal immigration.  After all, it keeps the “refugees” out of Mexico,  and $25 billion is a pretty nice chunk of change the Mexican government doesn’t have to spend on its own citizens.

Worldwide, illegal immigrants are reported to have sent $445 billion home to their families all over the world in 2016.

Even if you count the taxes paid on money exiting the country from illegal workers, that money would have funded 64% of the FY 2018 defense budget. It would have funded California’s entire 2017-2018 proposed CalWORKS welfare budget, including the portion funded by the Feds, for 87 years.

Remember that the next time some bleeding heart tells you that illegal immigrants don’t cost the U.S. anything.

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