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Caravan collusion?

April 3, 2018

The timing of the People Without Borders sponsored “immigrant caravan”  is certainly worth some scrutiny.

First, over a thousand people don’t just suddenly pop up like crocuses in spring, all ready to march a few thousand miles on foot.

Second, is it coincidental that the group started out on March 25, just two days after the President signed the Omnibus Spending Bill, which gave him exactly nothing on immigration and more importantly, the “wall”?

In fact, the whole thing seems designed to point out that the United States is completely impotent to stop what some are calling a soft invasion.

Thanks to Congress, about all the CBP can do is wag their fingers at the immigrants and sputter that they better not cross the border.

They obviously can’t shoot them, and the law mandates that if the immigrants utter the word asylum, we have to let them in. Since they are being indoctrinated en route, they will all have that script down pat by the time they reach the border.

With 650 thousand “asylum” seekers already clogging up the court system thanks to “catch and release” what do a few more matter anyway?

Well, like water dripping into a rain barrel, pretty soon a leak becomes a flood.

CPB reports that in FY 18, from October 2017 through February, 186,868 illegal immigrants have crossed the border, and that’s just the ones they know about because they caught them. It could be a lot more than that.

In fact, CBP has tallied an average of half a million apprehensions for each of the past five years. While the number did fall off a little when President Trump was elected, once it was clear that Congress would see to it that he wouldn’t be able to tighten the laws, much less build the wall, we seem to be on pace to approach the average again in FY 2018.

And the left still wants to set the legal immigration limit at one million a year and more.

Ay caramba!  Es no bueno por nada!

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