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George Washington would be appalled.

April 4, 2018

When dictators begin plotting to assume power, very often the first thing they do is to find a bogeyman towards whom they can direct first discontent, then scorn, and finally vengeance.

Thus,  in economically distressed post-WWI Germany, Hitler began by focusing on the Jews. He blamed them for everything from lack of food to control of the nation’s money. He gave the nation a target, and from there he went on to build the Nazi Party and ultimately to ignite  another World War.

Post-WWII the Soviet Union and the Communist Party under Stalin simply outlawed all forms of religious expression, making the new “religion” Communism.

We are seeing disturbing echoes of that in the shrill ravings of some in the far, far left against “white Christian privilege” as one George Washington University workshop calls it.

Although the course description has now been taken down on the university website, one of the stated aims of the workshop was for participants to leave the training able to name at least three examples of “white Christian privilege.”

This was supposed to “foster diversity.” and was grounded in “improving multiculturism”

The far left has been using “diversity” as a code word for some time now. The only problem with that is it promotes the identification and ultimately the  exclusion of the bogeyman, “white Christianity” to achieve a “multicultural” state.

There is no doubt that the United States has become a more secular country.

There are many possible causes for that, but in general it boils down to two things.

One, religion doesn’t provide a utopian world, at least not among the living, and two, it seeks to exercise control over humanity’s baser instincts.

The interesting thing about the stated goal of the GWU workshop is that it totally ignores Christians of any race other than Caucasians.

If Christianity is inherently bad, then why not rail against Hispanic, black, Middle Eastern or Asian Christians as well?

It probably isn’t fair to single out GWU in pointing out this disturbing pattern of anti- Christian, anti-white propagandized indoctrination on college campuses, since the thread runs through most of the higher education system we pour so much money into today.

Still one can’t help but wonder how the first President to govern under a Constitution whose very first amendment codified not freedom FROM religion, but Freedom OF religion would feel about having an institution bearing his name offering a workshop whose stated goal was to attack Christianity.

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