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What is the left really resisting?

April 10, 2018

As predictably as the sun rising in the morning, the Resist movement has trotted out something to take the public’s attention off the President doing something his base approves of, specifically in this case, sending the National Guard to the border.

This time that’s raiding his personal attorney’s home and offices, hoping to get enough leverage on Cohen to turn him into an FBI asset to use against the President.

If the President launches some sort of operation against the use of chemical weapons in Syria, or solves the DACA conundrum, or has any other sort of success, there will be something else, guaranteed.

If Cohen and the President are correct about having already voluntarily turned over hundreds of thousands of documents to the Special Counsel, this action should forever drive a nail in any ideas of the President ever meeting face-to-face with Mueller on any grounds whatsoever.

While the legal ramifications of raiding Michael Cohen’s office are suspect regarding attorney-client privilege, the more interesting part of this is the way in which  the Special Counsel moved from investigating Russian collusion to trying to peel off another Trump ally through New York’s Federal court system, rather than the Federal grand jury convened by Mueller.

Make no mistake, if Cohen is found guilty of bank and wire fraud as charged, this could result in him being disbarred, as well as jailed for up to 20 years, and that’s a pretty big club.

What does all this have to do with Russia meddling in our political processes?

Not one damn thing.

This is, as it always was, about deposing Donald Trump and thwarting the will of the people who voted for him.

It’s about those who were in power and their determined attempt to regain that power before the depth of their own corruption is fully exposed.

Does the timing of this have anything to do with the outcome of the Inspector General’s investigation?

Hard to say. IF you believe that the IG is operating as he should, as an impartial internal affairs  investigator, then the answer could be yes.

Certainly, ahead of former FBI Director Comey’s new book, you are seeing a whole lot of people scrambling to cover their behinds.

Comey seems to be an equal opportunity louse.  If something makes him look good, he hasn’t seemed to be above throwing friend and foe alike under the bus.

If the book provides new grist for the IG’s mill as he investigates the handling of the Clinton’s conduct, the much anticipated “imminent” release date of the IG’s report could slip substantially.

All this palace intrigue is interesting and titillating to be sure, but that isn’t why it matters.

It matters because it is putting the nation at large in harm’s way.

The President has some important stuff coming up.

Stuff like denuclearizing North Korea for instance, not to mention defending the border, immigration reform, healthcare reform, defending the Second Amendment, and oh yes, keeping the GOP in control of Congress, (because if the Dems can take over both houses of Congress, their very first act of business will be to file impeachment proceedings against Trump).

Every time his enemies can distract him, even momentarily, from those things, we become a little less safe as a nation.

Think about that the next time you peruse the salacious headlines, and you might find them a little less entertaining.

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