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TGIF – April 13, 2018

April 13, 2018

Should Congress “fire” Mueller?

No matter your political views, it’s probably time to ask what exactly we are getting for our tax dollars from the Special Counsel’s investigation.

Numerous media reported in December 2017 that the investigation had cost up to $6.7 million up to that point, i.e. over seven months at the time.

It is now April of 2018. At close to a million dollars a month, what is the taxpayers ROI?

It appears that the investigation is still in search of a crime that would prove that the Trump campaign “colluded” with Russia to rig the election.

Failing that, the Special Counsel seems quite willing to settle for any crime by anyone, as long as it has some tie to Donald Trump.

Along the way Mueller’s dream team has managed to stretch far afield from the central premise to harass and charge people even very marginally associated with the campaign with totally unrelated crimes, the latest of whom  is the President’s personal attorney.

Attorney Michael Cohen’s alleged crime (bank fraud) was so far removed from the investigation that Mueller had to go to an outside agency just to obtain a search warrant.

If news reports are to be believed, the object of the search was to obtain evidence of whether Cohen illegally obtained funds related to the President’s alleged affair with an aging porn star that took place nine years before his candidacy, thus possibly making an unreported “in kind” campaign contribution.

Other “news” reports say that all they really wanted was the Access Hollywood tape.  Does the phrase sex, lies and video tapes come to mind?

So far unasked or at least unreported, is whether the $130,000 payment  was, shall we say, suggested by Stormy herself.

OK, we get it. The left is really pissed off that Trump is the President instead of their chosen stooge. They are slowly but surely working their way toward the President, even if the only result will be to attempt to invalidate him by reason of his associations with all these terrible felons.

But when should the taxpayers have the right to refuse to keep funding their obsession?

It seems like that moment is right about now.

The U.N. fails, again.

Once again the United Nations has proved its utter irrelevancy.

The entire world is aghast over the now verified gassing of people in the Syrian town of Douma, a clear violation of international law.

The U.N. exists to provide a means short of armed conflict to settle questions like this. However ineffective its resolutions might be, it is supposed to provide some standard for holding rogue nations accountable for misdeeds.

Since any single member can refuse to support a resolution, very little to nothing ever comes from its existence.

This should have resulted in a referral to an international criminal court.

Instead we seem to have the whole world expecting the United States to exact retribution for the deaths of little children and pregnant women, presumably at the hands of their own government,  using our munitions, our equipment and our citizens’ lives.

This brings up once again the question of why the U.S. pays a single dime to support such an ineffectual group of blowhards.

If the world wants to rent our armed forces, maybe they should pay us 2% of their GDP instead of wasting it on the U.N.

Hurray for (some of) California.

Apparently some communities in the Golden State aren’t drinking Governor Bubblehead’s kool-aid anymore.

They have even had the temerity to suggest their towns are not safer and more prosperous in a sanctuary state.

Good job folks!  Maybe someday no one will have to apologize for having the misfortune of being  born there.

In the meantime however you have your fearless leader pontificating that he won’t “allow” the National Guard to do what they are already prohibited by Federal law from doing.

Honestly, where did you get this guy?

No wait, I already know. Berkeley.  He could have only come from Berkeley and he did, graduating from that former  bastion of free speech, free love and LSD before going on to Yale.

But that’s mean. True, but mean.

And, it takes away from the point of this segment, which is that it is nice to know there are at least a few city governments who can think for themselves.

Good on ya!   Keep up the good work.


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