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A voice from the dark side.

April 18, 2018

In yet another illustration of California’s institutional tolerance for and cultivation of the subversive left wing operating in the U.S., California’s Fresno State University is revealed to have been employing and perhaps nurturing yet another subversive propagandist to teach your children.

Specifically one Randa Jarrar, a tenured professor, who by her own admission is using her tenured status to vomit her hatred of the Bush family via what is described as a now private Twitter account.

Specifically, she is almost literally dancing on the grave of former First Lady Barbara Bush while passionately hoping for the death of the rest of the Bush family.

The professor is right about one thing; if she were to disrespect the current or former leaders of some Middle East countries within their borders, she wouldn’t last long enough for the words to make it to print.

Here however, she can look forward to dying of old age.

Much as her hate-filled rant may disgust people, she is entitled by law to rant as much as she wants.

Actually that isn’t the real point.

The point is that she is teaching your kids, and Fresno State is apparently just fine with that.

She’s right in the main that it is very hard to fire a teacher with tenure, i.e. a guarantee of lifetime employment, regardless of suitability or competence.

However, that exalted status does not protect her school from  being exposed as a link in the national chain of liberal schools being used to build an army to destroy America.

At least at the time this all is taking place, Fresno State has simply tried to distance itself from her by saying that her views were not the view of the school.

C’mon, who are they kidding?

While many are calling for the Federal government to stop funding these schools the reality is that the only way that could happen is to stop funding all schools. Singling out one or a group of schools for their political bias would not survive a Supreme Court challenge.

It appears that many California cities and counties have finally reached the saturation point in their ability to absorb the poison being dispensed from Sacramento.

Yesterday, San Diego County  joined that group, voting to join the Federal lawsuit to contest SB 54, the so-called sanctuary state law.

That’s all well and good, but it’s kind of abstract, and fails to get at the actual root of the problem.

Bubblehead Brown and the Professor Farrars of the country are no more than symptoms of a large and far more lethal political and cultural pandemic spreading within our borders.

That doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do.

The only way these re-education facilities can be controlled  is to stop sending them recruits. They get paid by the head, or more correctly by student attendance days.

No students, no money.

Theoretically that means every parent has the means to stop being the host for these lethal parasites.

Think about it.

Barbara Bush, 1925-2018.   R.I.P

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