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TGIF – April 20, 2018

April 20, 2018


Rules are supposed to apply to everyone.

Everyone that is, except minorities. Of course this refers to the latest flap about the arrest of two black men at a Starbucks store.

Starbucks has (had?) a rule that only paying customers could “loiter” in the store and use the restrooms.

At least 20 stores and a half-dozen restaurants in my town alone have similar rules.

And yes, it does seem petty at first glance, even counter-productive for building good customer relations.

Stores think they have good reasons for this, primarily that they provide and pay for tables and toilets as a convenience for their customers, not the general public, and certainly not to provide a free conference room for businessmen.

That’s not really the point though.  The point is that the rule applies to everyone.

There’s an easy way around the rule.  Buy something,  wait for your friend outside, or go to an establishment that doesn’t have this rule.

From news stories it appears that when the manager, allegedly following company policy, told the two men essentially that, they immediately made it about racism and refused to either leave or make a purchase.

At that point the manager called the cops, and we all know where it went from there.

This is getting tiresome.

There shouldn’t be two standards, one for whites and another for everyone else. That’s supposed to be the underpinning of equality.

Granted, Starbucks is expensive, but how hard would it have been to buy one and split the cost when it became an issue?

It’s amazing how much better we get along when everyone just follows the rules.

One parent’s take.

As this is being written we have yet another school walkout over school safety and yes, gun control.

One mom is damned unpopular with her two high school age daughters over said demonstration.

When notified that her daughters, aged 15 and 16 would be out of school, Mom told both them and the school in no uncertain terms that they were to stay in class.

The teachers for the girls’ classes responded by saying that they wouldn’t be teaching anyway, since the classroom would be empty.

The girls responded with howls of indignation, telling Mom that they had to walk out because “everyone will be doing it.”

Mom  in turn asked why they couldn’t have the demonstration on a weekend, when they wouldn’t be truant.

Seems there is a rule in that household.  For every hour you are truant or cut class, you will be grounded for a day. She says she will enforce the rule.

I pay a lot of money to have my children educated, not just in taxes but in all the things the school doesn’t pay for, like cheer club, field trips, sports uniforms, etc. The least I should be able to expect is that they will be in the classroom during normal school hours.” she said.

She also noted that when told the school would start locking the doors from 10 minutes after classes begin to the time the school day ends, there was such an uproar from the kids that the school scrapped the plan.  Seems they wanted to be able to leave campus for lunch or go to their cars during school hours.

Leaving Mom to ask exactly who runs the schools, the staff or the kids? “I am certainly mindful of the reason for the walkout.  I too want safe schools. But the threats are coming from other students, not the NRA. Why is it so hard for the kids to see that?

She isn’t the only one asking.

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