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Bernie wants to give you a job.

April 24, 2018

Apparently Bernie Sanders has been in a gopher hole for the past year, since he hasn’t noticed that people are going back to work at a record pace.

That’s the only explanation possible for his “new” plan for the government to guarantee every American a job  and at $15.00 an hour no less.

Um, has anyone noticed that American businesses are already snapping up workers so fast that some jobs don’t even have enough workers to fill them?

Purists might quibble that the Tax Cuts and Job Act is a type of government assistance to the job market, but it isn’t a government guarantee.

Walmart, the perennial whipping boy for people complaining about corporate greed, raised its minimum wage to $11.00 an hour, and gave bonuses to every employee.

Fast food jobs are routinely seen advertised at up to $10.00 an hour, and average more than a dollar an hour above minimum wage.

But that isn’t $15.00 an hour, the liberals howl. No, but businesses aren’t likely to go bankrupt by paying what they can afford, either.

Bernie also wants guaranteed health care. Isn’t that Obamacare? How has that been working for ya?

The left has yet to understand that they can’t win over people who voted for Trump by ignoring both what they want and what’s being delivered.

Free everything worked for the Sanders crowd in 2016, because there was nothing better.

Now there is, and that’s courtesy of that New York barbarian the progressive, i.e. socialist left hates to the very core of its ideological being.

It’s inconceivable to them that things could get better for the American people just because the government gets out of the way and trusts them to find the right thing to do by themselves.

That’s not to say things couldn’t get better still.

Many businesses are beginning to look for ways to improve the supply of workers by offering private time and money to train them in the jobs where they are needed.

One thing Bernie is not suggesting is to withhold welfare or health insurance from able-bodied  people who simply won’t even try to get a job.

If Sanders and crew stick to their ideology in 2020, they are likely to get beaten by an even larger margin than they did in 2016.

And we’ll all know what happened then.

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