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TGIF – April 27, 2018.

April 27, 2018

How about a citizens ethics review board for politicians?

Is it just us, or does all the innuendo about Dr. Ronny Jackson have a suspiciously familiar ring to it?

It seems like every one President Trump wants to nominate to something, or indeed anyone who supports him at all is variously everything from a dunce to a drunk to a drug pusher to a wife beater, philanderer, misogynist, racist and worse.

One is reminded of the way some of the ordinary citizens who supported Mitt Romney were slandered and forced to defend themselves during his run for the presidency.

Enter Montana’s Senator Jon Tester (D) said to be a favorite of the American and Montana Bankers associations in his run for re-election.

Senator Tester advanced a whole unsubstantiated slate of sins he says Dr. Jackson has committed.  Like much of this kind of this kind of folderol, he hasn’t offered any irrefutable proof for his allegations, or even one of the names of the “two dozen military personnel” he says told him about all these issues.

Take for instance his claim that Dr. Jackson hands out medication like Santa Claus on Christmas day, supposedly earning him the nickname Candy Man.

It seems that asking people traveling on administration planes, presumably Air Force One since he is the President’s doctor, if they need or want a medication to counter the effects of jet lag has been SOP for years.  People who have received medications from Dr. Jackson report that each dose was documented as to type, person receiving it and dosage.

Ultimately, Dr.( and Rear Admiral) Jackson withdrew, which was obviously the goal from the get-go, but his reputation will be forever sullied by Tester’s remarks. It isn’t inconceivable that the image-conscious Navy brass could even pull him from his White House post.

And it isn’t just Dr. Jackson. There could be unintended consequences for others.

Innuendo is a type of warfare. It is incredibly easy to deploy, and there are few rules of engagement.

Since Jackson has served three Presidents and gotten glowing reviews from them all, is Senator Tester alleging that Bush and Obama were some of the people he was “pushing” drugs to as well? After all, Obama was a closet smoker and Bush a recovering alcoholic. Maybe they were just protecting their “connection.”

There. See how innuendo warfare works?

As far as Dr. Jackson’s suitability for the job he was nominated for, there is no doubt that not much thought went into nominating him.

There were legitimate objections to Dr. Jackson’s nomination, not the least of which was that he had never been responsible even for a hospital, and he might have found himself over his head in trying to clean up the VA bureaucracy.

In short, it wasn’t necessary to smear the man to block his nomination, yet Tester did it anyway.

This isn’t going unnoticed.  Several people have advanced the idea that what we need is a national citizen’s ethics review board to look through Tester’s closet.

The immediate strategy by Democrats  to paint their targets with something  derogatory and unsubstantiated is getting old and tired.  It’s time to find some new material for their act, because no one is entertained by it any more.

Do we spend enough on educating our kids?

Apparently teachers don’t think so, judging from all the walkouts.

One such walkout is occurring in Arizona, where the state’s Auditor General reports spending per pupil at $8141. The state spends 53.8% of its revenue on all school spending, which the Auditor General report says is down from 58.6% in 2004.

The national average spending for all operational expenses related to education is $11,454 per pupil.

Teachers are complaining that the reductions in spending are coming at their expense, and the Auditor’s report (Arizona School District Spending—Fiscal Year 2017 | March 2018 | Report 18-203) bears that out.

In the meantime a reported 844,000 Arizona students aren’t being educated at all during the walkout.

Maybe the thing to ask is why we spend so much, and yet have so few even basically educated students to show for it.

NAEP data shows that 38% of all high school seniors did not have basic proficiency in math and 28% did not demonstrate basic reading ability as of 2015.

Maybe that doesn’t translate to a raise for anyone.

Google continues picking winners and losers

Have only a desktop website for your small business? You don’t count nearly as much on Google search as your counterparts on mobile sites.

This article from details how Google is jiggering its search rankings to favor mobile users.

Wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that Alphabet/Google sells mobile devices and accessories?

In conclusion.

You know the world is really screwed up when Greg Gutfeld starts to make sense. Read his Fox News opinion piece that tries to make sense of all the claims and counter claims about opioid abuse. It’s worth a few minutes of your time.

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