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Last week’s leftovers.

May 1, 2018

Sometimes it’s tough not to turn into an echo, given the cascade of news stories bombarding us on a daily and even hourly basis.

That’s why Musings often doesn’t parrot the “breaking news” headlines.

That said, there are some things that deserve notice, and since we ran out of week before we ran out of news here’s a little bit on some of the trending stuff from last week.

Did they forget something?

There has been a lot of well-deserved criticism of Michelle Wolf’s putrid filth directed at Sarah Sanders and Kelly Ann Conway at the WHCD, even from Trump haters.

Oh, and when she said that the people booking her “act” should have done their homework…they did, Michelle, they definitely did.

Interestingly though, when her comments are replayed and characterized as misogynistic, unfunny, catty or even just an excuse for her to show off her potty mouth, one word is usually curiously lacking.

They were also overtly racist, as when she accused Mrs. Sanders of “Uncle Tomming”, a uniquely racial slur, for white women.

Why is it that liberals can throw that word around with impunity to silence conservatives, but no one wants to apply the “R” word to Miss Feces Mouth?

Just asking.

What does “sneak” mean?

Another big story is the so-called caravan, or organized anti-border pressure group,  that arrived at San Ysidro, CA. last week.

One wonders just how well these people will “assimilate” given that they are still flying the Honduran flag, much as would a flag bearer in any army.

CNN ran this story to showcase the purity of the motives for seeking asylum in the USA, and specifically noted that the caravan members had no intention of “sneaking in.”

Righto. Then who are the people being picked up in the vicinity of the notorious Smuggler’s Gulch, so named many decades ago for the amount of illegal goods entering the U.S. through the canyon?

It isn’t easy even to get into that area, given that DHS purchased the land from California and then bulldozed a huge berm across the southern mouth of the gulch in 2009 to try to stop it from being used as an entry point for illegal entrants.

Has “sneak” acquired a new definition?

The “free” press or, about those paywalls

Speaking of the news media, recently a reader complained that often when he clicks on one of the articles Google highlights on its news page, he is met with one paragraph and then he immediately  runs into a paywall.

He said that in one case he really wanted to finish the story, so he paid the $1.00 to finish reading it, and then had to make several phone calls to keep from being charged for a year’s subscription to a paper he reads maybe three times a year.

We know!  Try writing a politically oriented blog and not being able to link to an article (which is essentially free advertising for the publication) without paying for it.

That’s just so typical of “journalism” today.

It seems to us that if you want subscribers, maybe the way to get them is to offer great content, not hijack them into buying a subscription. If people like the content enough, they may well buy the subscription without coercion.

Or is that too obtuse a concept for the NYT, WaPo, the WSJ  and the others?

Look, we get that it costs money to staff and print a newspaper. But if no one reads the paper, then how many customers will its advertisers, the real cash cows,  be able to reach?

If this “pay to read” trend keeps up, these print publications may well find themselves going the way of Toys R Us.

Not so fast.

And finally, a word on the calls for a Nobel prize for President Trump.

If NoKo actually fully agrees to the President’s demands to give up nuclear weapons, it’s hard to see how that wouldn’t merit such an honor, even from such a liberal group.

But let’s don’t put the cart before the horse.  After all, President Obama undoubtedly thought he had earned the Nobel prize he was awarded early in his presidency when he made the deal with Iran.

Yesterday’s Israeli revelations about how far along Iran was with developing a nuke prior to the now controversial agreement shows that all the loose ends can come unwrapped with the passage of time.

In the meantime, let’s don’t get ahead of ourselves. First the deal, then the prize.



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