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Changing the Trump team lineup.

May 3, 2018

Think of this in terms of sports. It’s 3rd down and 2 on the visitor’s 40 yard line. Why would you keep the kickoff return team on the field?.

Or to put it another way, would you keep the realtor who sold you the property on board to act as foreman for the construction crew that’s going to build your house?

It’s always been a source of chuckles that politicians, in this case on the left, have such a hard time thinking like normal humans do.

It’s pretty obvious that this ubiquitous 48, 49, or 52-question list that the news media has been freaking out about for almost a week now has been around for awhile.

It looks a lot like a wish list for the Mueller team. It’s the sort of thing a cop would throw out on the table as he/she questions a shoplifter, threatening said person with everything from going to Gitmo to the gas chamber to get him/her to confess to stealing a $50 purse.

Whatever it is, and whomever leaked it, it’s the ultimate wet dream for a prosecutor.

Who wouldn’t want to get the President of the United States in the box for a 12-hour Q & A session?

Mostly though it’s an exercise in patience for most Americans.

Having watched this one-ring circus for more than a year, most of us know that this has devolved into another resist tactic from the left.

And we also know that at best, it’s not going to be concluded before all of the most pertinent midterm primaries are over, and maybe not until the Dems know whether they’ve flipped Congress for the next two years.

Whatever “theres” are there, they’re going to be with us for the foreseeable future, unless Trump’s new team can convert a few penalties into points.

As we pointed out yesterday, the DOJ and it’s subordinate agencies seem to be awfully afraid that Congress may actually find out something of importance relative to the conduct of the people running this investigation before they can get at the President.

That’s bad for us as a country, and the only way that power play can be forestalled is to put some limits on the scope and breadth of their power.

And that’s exactly what the new legal team substitutions are meant to accomplish.

It’s also a good idea to note that Emmett Flood has defended people from three different administrations, two of them with GOP presidents, not just Bill Clinton. This is a guy that not only knows where the skeletons are buried, he may have knowledge of who buried them.

This is a tough way to have to run a country, but WTH, the guy at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hasn’t been doing so badly up to now.

Just for kicks, can you imagine how the country would be faring under Jeb, or John or even Marco at this point?


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