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Termites in the White House?

May 5, 2018

Various news media are reporting that former Secretary of State John Kerry is  “…quietly working to preserve the Iran deal” as this article from National Review puts it.

The article quotes the Brookings Institute’s Michael O’Hanlon as saying that involvement on this level by a member of the immediate previous administration is “unusual.”

Ya think?

There have been whispers for months that the so-called resist movement is being spearheaded and shepherded by members of the former Obama administration, acting almost like a government in exile.

The NR article goes on to say that Kerry is meeting with foreign leaders and trying to shore up Kerry’s signature accomplishment, urging them to resist the Trump administration’s attempts to modify the deal by  including unfettered inspections and end the sunset clause in order to avoid having to scrap it.

If this is true, (it’s a shame, but in this era of fake news, we do have to qualify it) then President Trump has a lot more to worry about than Hillary Clinton’s bewilderment over her election loss.

Many people have been astounded by how long it is taking for Clinton supporters to accept the election results and stop boo-hooing over them.

They also aren’t blind to the Mueller probe’s effort to peel away Trump’s supporters under the guise of  investigating Russian election meddling, and in the process scare away anyone who might want to step in and work with the Trump team.

That was highlighted by Federal Judge T.S. Ellis’s statement regarding the special counsel’s motives for trying to indict Paul Manafort.

The news that Kerry is actively paralleling the Trump State Department’s efforts is the clearest proof to date that there is a termite colony within the walls at the White House.

Termites are sneaky little devils.  They can spent months or years chewing away at your house before their telltale mounds of chewed wood fibers give them away. Sometimes they can stay hidden long enough that they actually destroy a supporting structure in your walls or foundation.

The Kerry story looks like it might be the newly visible termite mound.

Since President Trump can’t exactly ask the Justice Department to investigate the Kerry efforts, it’s not clear who he should call to perform termite eradication.

It is clear however, that he’d better call someone.

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