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The hypocrisy of political amnesia.

May 7, 2018

For a group that seems to have no interest in religion except to condemn it, it seems Democrats have suddenly found their moral compass when it comes to opposing Gina Haspel’s nomination as CIA director.

Or perhaps the idea of following orders is so foreign to them that they simply can’t grasp the concept.

No one seems to have concerns about her ability to manage the agency. Instead they are sitting in judgment of her role in the enhanced interrogation of suspects immediately following 9/11.

Note that the nominee did not personally waterboard anyone.  Yet Democrats are attempting to portray her as solely responsible for practices that existed, and were approved by the DOJ, after 9/11.

Let’s not forget that at that time everyone from President George W. Bush to hotdog vendors on New York’s sidewalks were calling for the apprehension or even the extermination of those responsible for carrying out and funding the attack. Some still do.

Practically speaking, had Ms. Haspel refused to follow any of the orders related to enhanced interrogation, she would have been relieved of duty and likely branded a coward by the same press that now stands tippy-toe on their soapboxes calling for her head.

Of course this isn’t really about her.  It’s just another in an endless line of attempts to render President Trump’s administration impotent.

It might also be inconvenient for some of those opposing her to deal with a competently led CIA.

News reports say Ms. Haspel offered to withdraw her nomination to save the administration from having to re-litigate the response following 9/11.

Let’s hope she doesn’t do that. If her staying in the process does nothing else, it will do what she has been doing all her working life, and that’s to oppose America’s enemies.

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