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Will it be a wave, a ripple or a dry hole?

May 8, 2018

With four states holding primaries today, the main question for Republicans is likely to be whether their voters care enough to go to the polls.

These midterm elections are very local in nature, so they aren’t always a reliable predictor of  what will happen in the general election in November.

Typically less than 20% of voters turn out for primaries, but those tend to be the voters who are the most politically aware and involved.

If the local races don’t provide local and state issues and candidates that matter to voters, they may very well stay home, but if the elections are really all that ho-hum then both Democrats and Republicans should abstain equally.

If one or the other party has a strong turnout, that might  presage where the parties need to focus their efforts between the primaries and the general election.

It’s disturbing that the media has been reporting that many voters don’t connect the tax cuts and increased employment to the GOP, but then the media has been known to get it wrong before.

On the Dems side, they are still playing identity politics, still shaming conservative women, and still loudly calling for open borders.

All of that serves to remind voters just why they voted two years ago.

These four May 8 races have been hyped a lot, and it’s unclear whether anyone is still listening.

Today should provide some clues as to how badly the 24/7/365 in-your-face political climate has affected voters.

Speaking of climate, with the weather getting nicer in most places it might be that a nice backyard BBQ will be more attractive than trundling down to the polls to vote.

Whatever the result, you can bet that some pundit will be looking the camera in the eye and prognosticating about them for at least a day or so, barring some outrageous tweet or interview or leak happening in the meantime.

And of course there is the President’s decision on the Iran deal which is going to be announced today as well.

Whatever happens, we are now in full election year madness, in case anyone cares.

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