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TGIF – May 11, 2018

May 11, 2018

Who prescribes your meds?

Who needs a doctor when you’ve got Walmart? carried an article on May 8 by Natasha Bach outlining Walmart’s decision to control opioid abuse by imposing their own standards on how often opioid prescriptions are filled and what strength of medication it would allow. At most it would allow a 7 day supply, but it could be as little as three days,  and it sees no problem in overriding a physician’s orders.

The article clearly states that the policy is meant to control “acute” opioid prescriptions, suggesting that it may impose different standards for chronic pain sufferers.

The Centers for Disease Control is citing their study that even ONE DAY of prescription opioid use increases the chance of chronic addiction by 6%. Does that presage a decision by pharmacies to quit filling opioid prescriptions at all?

Regardless of whether you buy into the CDC’s current  and somewhat dubious theory that most chronic illegal drug use is caused by overprescribing of legal narcotics, this raises serious questions about the role of physicians in the healthcare landscape.

Walmart certainly isn’t the only retailer taking these steps. CVS and others have also decided to insert themselves as guard dogs into the problem as well.

It’s true that pharmacies have gotten a lot of flak for repeatedly refilling narcotic prescriptions without question, so yes, having someone actually paying attention to the frequency  could be beneficial, perhaps by calling the patient’s doctor to affirm that a prescription is being used properly.

But should that give a corporate board the power to make decisions about your healthcare?

You can appreciate the corporate world’s desire to avoid the legal ramifications if someone overdoses on narcotics their pharmacists dispensed. Perhaps you can even give credence to their stated desire to “cure” drug addiction, but is this the way?

The AMA brings up a very good question as quoted in the Fortune article as well.

Namely, who should have the right to assess a patient’s need for pain medication, their doctor or a retailer of medications who is gun-shy about their legal culpability?

There is another side to this as well.

By hanging all the responsibility for addiction on doctors, pharmacies and drug manufacturers, it allows progressives to ignore the massive influence that gangs and cartels using people as mules (photos) to smuggle thousands of pounds of hard drugs over the border illegally has on addiction.

Convenient, isn’t it?

The never-ending hypocrisy of the left.

During CIA director nominee Gina Haspel’s interrogation, oops, testimony on Wednesday, Democrats in high dudgeon demanded that she produce classified documents and share them publicly with the American people and denounce enhanced interrogation.

(Speaking of torture, have Kamala Harris and Dianne Feinstein forgotten these images from 9/11[Warning! Extremely graphic]? One wonders what those people thought would have been appropriate for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as they jumped from the Twin Towers to their deaths.)

Aren’t these the same swamp creatures who are having a conniption fit over Devin Nunes’ committee demanding to see the documents related to the Mueller investigation and the FBI’s documents used to get a FISA warrant?

Republicans are listening.

The May 8, four-state primary produced what has been described as a “very high” midterm primary voter turnout.

Even better, it produced some viable GOP competitors for the November general election.

One of the better takeaways from the results is that in most cases, voters chose new faces for 2018, defeating several sitting legislators.

Now that’s term limits done as it should be done.

Watch this as it develops.

The DOJ may be about to take the severest miscarriage of justice hit in its history, if various news reports or opinion pieces have even a shred of truth in them.

As the House Intelligence Committee continues to demand unredacted copies of various documents pertaining to the 2016 election, the word is that the FBI had a plant, i.e. a spy, in the Trump campaign.

As James Bond-ish as it sounds, the rumor is made more credible in light of the Strzok/Page/Comey/McCabe text messages, not to mention a Committee witness who alluded to exactly that.

If the entire “seventh floor” conspirators are found to have infiltrated the presidential campaign of a U.S. citizen, and if that resulted in all this craziness we call a Special Counsel investigation, this isn’t just sleazy.

It’s potentially agency-destroying, and it should be.


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